Friday, September 21, 2012

Rasmussen;"GOP base looking for a 21st century Ronald Reagan,who'll display faith in Americans" (Found;Palin)

Pollster Scott Rasmussen has an opinion piece up at  AT THIS LINK titled;

"Romney May be end of The Line For The Republican Establishment"

"The Republican base is looking for someone like a 21st century Ronald Reagan, who will display his faith in the American people",

Rasmussen reviews the current state of establishment politics in the light of Romney's "47%" remark. Which he,quite rightly describes as being equal to Obama's "notorious' "clinging to their guns and religion" remark in its obvious disdain for the common man.

Rasmussen then contrasts the Washington establishment view of the economy, a view held by both the Dem and GOP leadership with the GOP voters view. the former holding to a big government model whilst the rank and file hold to a strong free market economy.

Rasmussen then considers a Romney defeat and makes this telling remark:

"The Washington Republicans are more comfortable with politicians like George W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Though the establishment has dominated the party since Reagan left the White House, the 2012 election could well be the end of the line"

He won't get any argument from me!

He concludes by stating that if the GOP loses this "eminently winnable election" then the rankand file will no longer buy the "we have to run an establishment candidate to win argument" as it will have been exploded of course post Dole/McCain (and especially) Romney.

Interestingly, and in line with this blog he advises that if Romney wins and turns out to be another centrist president and makes no positive impact on the economy ( and social factors too i believe) "he will be a one term president. I would believe that under those circumstances not only would he be a one term president but he would be challenged in the primaries and not renominated.

As for Rasmussen's concluding remarks the question then is "who is the person who best represents the ideal of a "21st century Ronald Reagan" in 2016? Certainly it wouldn't be someone who is part of the current GOP ticket if it loses or wins and veers to the center. It would be one who espoused the Reaganite view consistently not who "learned it on the job."

It would be a person who was not associated with the Republican convention of 2012 but who supported the ticket on an ABO basis and campaigned for down ticket true conservatives. 

It would be someone who excited the base, who would generate a huge gotv campaign from dedicated activists and someone who has been through the media hate vetting and come out the other side untainted and untouchable now.It would be important too to have a woman as the  candidate next time as surely that time has come.

The person who fits that job description, the "authentic outsider" if there ever was one, and Rasmussen's can only be Sarah Palin:

"If Romney wins and does nothing to change the status quo, the economy will falter. He will end up as the second straight one-term president, and the nation will desperately be searching for an authentic outsider in 2016."

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