Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Planet Leftist New Theme "Palin is Darth Cheney/Eminence Gris Behind Romney (But"Irrelevant" Also)

After acting president Sarah Palin answered the 4 a.m. call in the absence of any immediate condemnation of the riots against american property in Libya and Egypt and the tragic death of the Ambassador to Libya and his officials. Worse, the immediate American official reaction was to issue an apology for hurt feelings".

Mitt Romney, to his credit also issued a condemnation and the media/left's (joined at the hip) reaction was to deflect the shame from the Obama administration by somehow making the crisis, for that is what it is long term, Romney's undoing and Palin's shame.

A perusal of the media accumulator Memeorandum will quickly show the lie (sic) of the land with all the usual leftist media suspects chiming in. The other interesting and revealing factor is the assigned talking points memo that has gone out to the leftist Twitter rabble.

If one searches "Sarah Palin" on Twitter a continuous stream of, almost word for word attacks on Palin and Romney appear in a seemingly endless chain-it is all so patently obvious as to be embarrassing. The gist being that Palin is a has been who should "shut up" (expressed in filthy language) and stay in Alaska where she can (and it's so very very tired isn't it) "see Russia from her house."

But in planet bizarre leftist world a new them has appeared along the lines of "Romney has an opinion on Libya which he will stick to unless Palin makes a new Facebook note." This idea that Palin is the Dick Cheney evil mastermind behind Romney takes some mental gymnastics to wrap your mind around though.

Up till now the theme was that Palin was "Sarah who" being cancelled by Fox, not invited to speak at the GOP convention and shunned by the GOP establishment, and now eclipsed by Paul Ryan and soon to fade into obscurity. The new Dem line is that the supposed incompetence of Romney is making "Palin look a genius" and that Ryan is a liar who makes Palin, even though she is supposedly an idiot was at least sincere."

There are so many anti-Palin themes running at once and running in contradictory relation to each other that it is dizzying trying to get a handle on just where the left is coming from. One thing is certain though,  the attacks keep coming, (see also the "lamestream media" e.g. Capeheart and Taylor Marsh and the very odd Mataconis)  against a supposedly  irrelevant VP candidate from a losing team from four years ago.

The question why almost answers itself doesn't it.