Monday, September 24, 2012

Media Left's (sic) Heavy Hitters Looking Beyond 2012 To 2016 & See Palin Unleashed #1 Packer At The New Yorker

Some of the media “heavy hitters” are looking beyond  the current election, in fact have, presciently, been look beyond it since January, and considering the question:

“what sort of candidate will the GOP run  in 2016?” First up George Packer at the New Yorker see’s in his “The Republicans 1972’" article a sort of “reverse 1972 Democrat’s experience”.
This is a bit tortuous in its conception. Basically Packer, writing before Romney sealed the deal, considered an e.g. Gingrich nomination as similar to McGovern’s disaster for the Dem’s in 1972. This would be, in Packer’s mind, a good thing, as the ensuing McGovern type electoral disaster would apparently banish the right wing demons currently infesting the GOP.

But if Romney wins-what then he then asks with clear foreboding:

But what if Romney wins the nomination and loses the election? This scenario is still the odds-on favorite. To deduce the consequences among Republican activists, let’s imagine a counter-factual from 1972: pit Nixon against Humphrey or Muskie or Jackson, a candidate imposed on the liberal Democratic base much as conservative Republicans feel Romney is being imposed on them.
A Nixon win would have convinced the liberal base that the party had not been true to its core. The theology would have hardened a little more. Next time, they’d nominate a real liberal, a candidate of the grassroots.

It’s easy to picture hard-core Republicans coming to the same conclusion: Romney and the party élite betrayed the party’s principles (again, after McCain) and gave the country four more years of the hated Obama. Never again! Next time, a real conservative!”

And the consequences of that for Packer would be (from the  benefit of the distance from January I think we can safely remove Gingrich/Bachman/Cain from the equation) unleash the Palin!

But if Romney wins the nomination and loses the election, the party will continue down into the same dark hole where Palin, Bachman, Perry, Cain, Santorum, and now Gingrich all lurk.

Sadly we are spared the predictions of the dire consequences Packer sees as ensuing from such a dark scenario which he blames on the GOP being taken over, as were the 1972 Dem’s to get back to his analogy, by an apparently extremist minority.
The fact that e.g. a Palin nomination would ensue from a majority of Republicans choosing her under the 2012 primary rules which gave much more allowance for the rank and file voting results, as compared to McGovern winning winner take all states escapes Packer.
Neither do we learn why the GOP should, after losing twice in a row with centrists, stick with the same losing formula-which is the definition of madness. Neither do we have any inkling of what the apparently terrible polices a true conservative like Palin would put in to practice if elected are and why the republic would crumble under them.

At the end of the day we get from Packer the typical leftist elitism whereby the party bosses and guru’s and pundits know what is best for the hoi polloi even if a majority of them wish an alternative from the tried and failed establishment prescription.Palin 2016-let the people decide.

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