Thursday, September 27, 2012

Judge Strikes Down Yet Another Lawsuit Against Palin As "Hearsay" But McGinniss's Hearsay Trash Was O.K.

Yet another instance of a rejected claim against Sarah Palin when she was Governor of Alaska and yet further proof that the reason she said she was stepping down from the post was her inability to function because of the endless series of ridiculous but costly litigation against her.

(Judge) Burgess said excerpts from the book could not be considered in the motion for summary judgment for several reasons, including that the passages are inadmissible hearsay. 

The judges ruling in this case was based in large part on the fact the the "complainant" used hearsay. I would make the observation that hearsay appears invalid in law but in Joe McGinniss's hatchet job "book" against Palin hearsay is apparently perfectly acceptable. 

The trash that has been thrown at Palin by the likes of McGinniss, the litigants, the media, the Dem's is unprecedented in its viciousness and falseness. The fact that Palin is still standing and displays the good humor she does is a tribute to her spirit and faith.

From Sarah Palin Information Blog;

Becky Bohrer writes at ABC News:
A federal judge on Thursday struck down claims in a lawsuit alleging that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin acted to silence an activist who complained about traffic around the governor’s mansion in 2009.
U.S District Judge Timothy Burgess granted Palin’s request for summary judgment. Her attorney, John Tiemessen, said the ruling means that, as a matter of law, no valid claims stand, and it should lead to dismissal of the case.
The lawsuit was brought by activist Chip Thoma, who alleged that Palin, while governor, undertook an effort to punish, embarrass, discredit and silence him after he complained about tour bus traffic around the mansion following her failed 2008 vice presidential bid. He was suing for at least $100,000.
Burgess said Thoma failed to provide the evidence necessary to support his claims.