Monday, September 10, 2012

Brilliant Polling analysis of the GOP campaigns:McCain/Palin 2008 and Romney/Ryan 2012

From Conservatives4Palin; Scroll down the the post by CUATROCINCO45  when the link opens on the site. It is a brilliant historical comparison of the Republican ticket polling from 2008 to the current polling.

"Here’s a comparison between the McCain/Palin ticket and the Romney/Ryan ticket.

 I love how a lot of Romney supporters have gotten religion on the issue of Public Policy Polling (D). Apparently, PPP(D)’s Obama/Palin polls were legitimate while its Obama/Romney polling are completely off-the-mark.
Isn’t the Democrat Party able to get away with pushing liberal economic policies primarily because many voters aren’t employers?

 It seems that many voters who typically vote for the Democrat Party would feel differently if they had to "step in their boss’ shoes and had to pay what their bosses pay to the state, local, and federal governments.