Monday, September 3, 2012

10,000 Visitors At Palin4President2016 Blog A Sign of What's To Come

As can be seen on the (bottom of this site's) Stats Counter this site has passed the 10,000 visitor mark.

Of course compared to major sites, who will do that sort of page visits per day, the figure is relatively small.However, bearing in mind that this site has only been really active for a month that is pretty good going I think.

The input is also quite low compared to major sites too of course, as new articles are entered on an occasional basis.

Thus to have over 10k visitors shows that there is a huge latent interest in seeing Sarah Palin not only advance her thoughts and candidate support but, as the blog title unabashedly states, to see her as president in 2016.

To have 10,000 visitors be of that mind when the GOP has chosen a candidate for president and we are right in the middle of a huge campaign shows a number of things.

Firstly that a substantial number of people do not fully, or at all, support the current Republican candidate.

Secondly, if Romney loses, the campaign for Palin 2016 will commence fully on November 7th 2012.

Thirdly,  that they may or may not vote for Romney but they either expect him to lose, or they consider that even if he wins he will be a RINO president. 

Fourthly, if Romney does win, once he has gotten rid of Obama, he can be safely challenged at the 2016 primary campaign. Then, at the subsequent convention, a real conservative, Palin, can be nominated as the candidate in his stead.

Visitors to this site have a number of motivations but overwhelmingly agree that Sarah Palin should run for, and be elected to the presidency in 2016 no matter who might be the office holder in that year.

A sincere thank you to all visitors and commentators who have shown their support for that concept. Comments of support for this site and its aims would of course be most welcome.

Article submissions are most welcome! I have setup a mailing adress if folks wish to submit Palin orientated posts- (most especially if centered on 2016 of course) at

PS. This site needs more "Followers" there is at present only one lonely "Follower" which belies the reality of the substantial number of visitors, so please consider joining up (no cost of course) to stop the haters misrepresenting the situation.