Thursday, August 23, 2012

Breitbart "No Politician Excites Tea Party/Reagan Dem's Like Palin." This Is Her 2016 Primary & General Election Formula

Following on from Bernie Quigley's column in The Hill yesterday where he basically advises that Sarah Palin is the future of the GOP, Breitbart has a column by Tony Lee which comments and expands on Quigley.

Quigley's article can be linked AT HERE

After reviewing the salient points, Lee goes further and advices that "no politician excites these two groups (the Tea Party and Reagan Democrats) more than Palin." These are exactly the base that Palin can use to win the 2016 primary season and then, as did Reagan, the general election. 

The fact that such commentary is appearing just before the GOP's convention shows the terrible state of the party and Palin's wisdom in not entering the campaign. Palin and 2016 is looking a bright prospect amidst the current chaos.

Here is the core point from Lee's column which can be seen in full AT THIS LINK 

Obviously, they should have chosen former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as their lead speaker,” Quigley writes. 
Quigley has a point. If Romney is going to beat Obama in the fall, he will need two groups of people to turn out for him in droves: the Tea Party base and white, working class Reagan Democrats.
No politician excites those two groups more than Palin. 
Quigley writes that in time while the “last half century was represented as a proxy fight between Marx and Keynes,” the next battle will be between Keynes and Hayek, and Palin “is the natural leader of this new direction” on the Hayek side. 
Quigley writes that the “key here is we are at a generational shift as large and vital as that of the ‘60s, but it is a conservative shift.”
They just didn’t get the memo yet in Tampa,” Quigley writes.