Sunday, July 29, 2012

Romney's Political Body Is Still Warm And Christie Says He Would "Certainly Think About Running In 2106"

With the smart money at Intrade having Mitt Romney at a 40.3 % chance of being elected this November, and the Electoral College polling showing him a massive 126 EV votes behind President Obama, the jockeying for 2016 is well under way.

 Beltway pundits have explained away the weak GOP primary field as being the second tier having a go at the "next in line" Romney. Really, apart from the media having to pump them up to create reader interest in the slow season, who would have given the likes of Santorum, Cain, Bachman, Paul any realistic chance of getting the nomination?

 Pawlenty was the Beltway pick, but he proved utterly hopeless on the campaign trail right out of the blocks. In reality, when Palin, Christie, Daniels,Bush and Pence decided not to run, and Gingrich ran out of money only Rick Perry had a reasonable chance, but when he imploded that was the end of matters.

 Realistically to unseat a sitting president a campaign needs to run on immense luck. With outside the norm events like a massive depression, Americans being taken hostage and an ensuing failed rescue attempt, a major war or massive scandal being game changers. None of those events are in play except, perhaps, the economic one and even there President Obama still has some degree of the benefit of the doubt.

 It is no surprise that prospective GOP candidates for 2016 are looking down the track, but it is perhaps a bit surprising that they would do so openly even before Romney is nominated! On the other hand, for Christie to make noises in that direction is indicative of his personality. It is why he will be the keynote speaker at the forthcoming convention and is why he probably won't get the 2016 nomination as he may be destroyed by his own outspokenness. An excellent spearhead vice-presidential nominee in 2016 by the way for exactly those qualities.

 Here is Christie response to the 2016 question from Yahoo. Sarah Palin has indicated some time ago that the door is open for 2016 and Jeb Bush who "hasn't ruled a 2016 runout" is openly touted by the establishment wing. Basically there are less than four months before the 2016 GOP campaign commences. 

Chris Christie said Wednesday he would "certainly think about running" for president four years from now if Mitt Romney does not win in November, the Associated Press reports. The popular New Jersey Republican governor resisted pressure to seek the Republican presidential nomination last year, but 2016 is in his sights. "If there's an opportunity for me to serve in another capacity and I think I have something to add to the mix, I don't think I'd back away from it," he said, according to the AP. It is rumored that Christie could be given a keynote speaking opportunity at the Republican convention in August.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fashion Preview For 2016

Here's some young ladies with fashion sense.

There is also this soon to be fashionable item just out

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Support This Young Lady's YouTube Palin4President 2016 Poster

Here is a young lady with the smarts who has started up a Palin4President2106 YouTube video site.
The site has her personal favorites plus commentary on why she supports Sarah

AT THIS LINK (not the banner below-the link on the left on this line)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

" Sarah Palin’s Chances to Be President Are Numerous"

Yahoo contributor William Browning muses on Palin's prospects as a presidential candidate in 2016

Sarah Palin’s Chances to Be President Are Numerous

William Browning
COMMENTARY | The Huffington Post reports Fox News chief Roger Ailes told a crowd of journalism students that Sarah Palin had "no chance" to be president. Palin responded that the same thing was said of her when she ran for city council, mayor and governor in Alaska.

Both sides of the issue need to get back down to reality.

First is that there are several chances for Palin to become president. She can run for a party's nomination, something she chose not to do in 2012. Perhaps Palin needs to remember the adage about missing 100 percent of the shots never taken. Ailes was right in saying she wouldn't have been president unless Sen. John McCain had chosen her on his ticket.

Constitutionally, Palin could have become president as vice president per succession rules laid down in the 25th Amendment. Had the McCain/Palin ticket been elected to office, she could have become president due to McCain's removal from office, incapacity of the president or the death of the chief executive. The former governor of Alaska could have become president after the 2008 election by an act of Congress or by McCain's death.

Palin is still relatively young. She could run for president in 2016 or at any time since she is a natural-born citizen of the United States over the age of 35. Ailes defended his comments in saying he hired Palin as a Fox News contributor to get ratings when she had little hope of becoming president.

Palin, in her retort, said she was elected to office several times in Alaska. Yet the values of Alaskans hardly represent the rest of the United States. The population of Alaska is less than several of the largest cities in the United States.

Not many Americans have five children, one of whom became a teenage mother. Palin also failed to mention that she resigned her post as governor of Alaska 18 months before her term was up. While she does claim to exude toughness by overcoming the odds and being elected, the Washington Postpoints out Palin quit her high-profile job because she couldn't take the pressure and scrutiny brought on by being a vice presidential candidate.

Her resignation is indicative that Palin is just as human as the rest of us.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strange Romney Supporters See A Palin 2016 Campaign Underway

MARK AMERICA sees the 2016 campaign under way through the strangely distorted eyes of some Romney supporters who see a Palin conspiracy lurking around every corner

Palin Haters Not Exclusive to Left

Them's Some Kooky Sheep...
I must admit to having read some bizarre conspiracy theories about Sarah Palin, because in seeing what these nuts write, one gets a sense of just how thoroughly out of touch some people have become.  For far too many rank-and-file Republicans, it’s all a cult of personality.  Few are concerned about fundamental principles, to such an extent that they are unable to linger over even the most obvious facts that might stand in opposition to their odd-ball theories.  I have been sent a link to a group of such odd-balls on Facebook, where one may find the most obtuse concoction of cobbled-together propositions embraced by psychological delinquents I’ve seen since the anti-Palin bloggers I have covered in the past.  It’s a veritable nexus of dumb, and it seems to be composed of Romney supporters who seem to believe Sarah Palin is an evil genius, setting up for a 2016 Presidential run in which she expects to face Hillary Clinton in what these brain-addled doorstops term a “mud-wrestling match.”  It would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that they have nearly one-hundred members.
This means there many more deluded, psychologically broken people in Romney’s camp than one might otherwise expect.  Their basic theory?  Sarah Palin is trying to undermine Mitt Romney in 2012 so she can run in 2016, and she’s being aided in that venture by none other than Rupert Murdoch.  Yes, there are certifiable mad-caps in the GOP, too.
Before any of the Palinistas reading this get too excited, I’d like you to have a sample of the intellectual rigor of the people who are positing this theory.  Says one:
“The whole point of Obama care is to take over Health care by creating another government beauracracy. It’s a communist take over of an industry. The people will not benefit from this, because they are not supposed to benefit from it. It is designed to create more liberals who will be working as beuracrats for the communist government. This has nothing to do at all with Massachusets, that’s just their cover to throw people off the trail. It is a communist take over. Communists always have a group of people they oppresss as part of their power grab. Obama care has already selected the first group that they will oppress, those without health care who cannot afford it. They will be given an oppressive …tax, that they cannot afford. This will then be used to garnish wages and confiscate personal property of those who do not pay the penalty. Year after year the debt will grow. I bet they will imprison people who fall into the catagory I described. The beauracrats, hired by their buddies in the government, will over see this oppression. This has nothing at all to do with Massachusets, or even health care, it is merely a vehical to bring communistic practices full circle. Who knows what mandated laws will be implemented once by Obama’s beauracrats, get going? The sky is the limit. Health care is only the vehical, not the goal. It’s just an excuse. What are we seeing already with the millions of dollars being put into the solar energy. It’s the same thing, they are empowering their own as they declare war on us. Has nothing at all to do with Massachusets. And sadly, too many will find out only when it’s too late.”
I kid you not.  This sad person isn’t merely a terrible speller, but is also blinded to reality.  Somebody should tell this young woman that Mitt Romney imposed precisely the kind of system about which she spends most of her time criticizing, and that in fact, Romney-care is the prototype for the system against which she is railing.  Yes, this is an example of the logic you will find in this group of utterly helpless people.
Naturally, you can expect a torrent of useless babble from any group that announces its intentions thus:
“It’s TIME for the Conservatives and the Moderates to UNITE to STOP Sarah Palin from pushing her way into this Presidential Election. Whether through manipulation, deception, or down-right dirty politics via a Brokered Convention, Palin is POISON and always has been. This group is OPEN, we are not speaking to just ourselves and don’t intend to. Join this group, share a link to this page, invite your friends. There is a WEALTH of info here documenting the REAL SARAH.”
Of course, the hits keep coming, because this group of mad-caps is so twisted-up with hatred for Sarah Palin that they can’t even objectively consider the nonsense they’re spewing:
“Regarding the argument that Christie would make a bad VP pick for Romney because Christie woud overshadow Romney, I have this to say:
“To overshaddow someone, you have to do it DELIBERTLY, When that happens, it’s no accident. Anyone who thinks overshadowing is done on accident is a FLIPPIN fool. Decent people with character know when to hold back. FLIPPIN backstabbers never hold back, cause it’s always about THEM!!! People with character know how to make it clear they are NOT number one. Christie has character, unlike the last no account, backstabbin, FLIPPIN quitter!!!!”
If you were to choose to”delibertly” avoid this group, I would understand. The same poster seems to study slow-motion video clips of Sarah Palin, turning every motion of her face into a secret, subliminal message:
“Because this is the Sarah Palin Conspiracy Threory, might as well mention it cause it’s something I have noticed before:
Speaking of Historonic personality disorder and excessive attention seeking, just saw Palin in slow motion licking her lips and heaving as she was being interviewed by Hannity, her eyes got really narrow and then really wide as if she was coming on to him during the interview. I have seen her do this with other men who let her run all over them. It’s like she does it on purpose, not only for control over the interviewer, but for control over the male viewers. Wonder if anyone else has noticed? Oh, and by the way, when Palin kept insisting that she is supporting Romney, because it’s: ABO – Anybody but Obama, and she kept repeating this over and over like she was trying to slap down Romney and degrade him with that, I noticed Hannity didn’t protest or confront her on this. Wonder if the lip licking has anything to do with Hannity’s compliance when it comes to Palin?”
Yes, this is real. I’m not embellishing anything. I couldn’t fake being this stupid, and I don’t believe anybody else could fake it either.  Undeterred by anything even vaguely resembling a fact, this genius continues:
“The reason why the Palinbots are pushing for either Rubio or Jindial as the VP pick for Romney is because of this:
“The reason why the “base” (and I call them that losely, cause I think we all know that they are just a segment with their own selfish agenda, that has nothing to do with real people like us), is pushing for those lackluster two is cause they don’t want to win this time around, they want to throw it for their Imbicial Snow Queen. They know what they are doing, and it ain’t pretty. They can take it their two lackluster ones, and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Sorry for the crudeness, but they’ve earned it.”
Most Palinistas I know wouldn’t want either Rubio or Jindal, never mind “Jindial ,” whomever s/he may be.  If Palinistas had their way, I think most would like to see Allen West as VP.  Of course, the lunacy that pervades this Facebook group is quite stunning, and all the more when you consider this bit:
“The Tea Party is still dreaming of a Brokered Convention. Shame on them!”
This appeared with a link to an article in the Washington Times, in which Tea Party Nation’s Judson Philips is quoted as asking: “Is it too late to switch?”  This remark was made in the aftermath of Eric Fehrnstrom’s remarks about whether Obama-care is a tax or a penalty.  The rabid Romney-bots in this particular Facebook group simply cannot conceive of the thought that Mitt Romney might be seen by the broader base of conservatism as something of a sell-out.
They weren’t satisfied to go after the Tea Party, as they attack Mark Levin for his support of Sarah Palin, and generally regard Palinistas as brain-dead zombies.  Yes, they are leaping to the defense of Mitt Romney from the she-devil Sarah Palin, who they will tell you is a socialist.  That’s right, for these folk, Sarah Palin is a socialist.  Try not to soil your computer screen with spewed coffee as you laugh at these flakes.  I promise, you will read their ‘critiques’ of Governor Palin as very nearly a parody of leftist critiques, and I think this demonstrates my point from earlier Saturday.  If they had been mere Romney-bots, we might not have spotted the fact that these are full-bore kooks every bit as bad as any on the left.  It’s refreshing to have one’s assertions born out within the space of an afternoon.
Editor’s Note: While it is clear that these people claim to be Romney supporters, it is certain they aren’t doing this with the blessing or endorsement of the Romney Campaign.  Then again, he couldn’t tell the SuperPacs what to do when they were bashing Newt Gingrich, either. (Wink Wink) They could also be Obama-shills, attempting to stir up trouble between the Palinistas and Romney-bots, but at least on the surface, these appear to be genuinely nutty Romney supporters.  Go figure.