Thursday, May 31, 2012

I-Village "Palin The King Maker Setting Up For A 2016 Presidential Run"

Diana Prichard at I-Village gets it right

It’s not often you see political ads for a candidate featuring the picture of another politician, but that’s precisely what’s been helping one Texas candidate gain traction. And the politician whose face graces his online ads – Sarah Palin – is being given credit for every inch his campaign advances. Palin may not be running for elective office this year, but others are turning to her in hopes that the uber-conservatives who love her will love them, too.
The ‘mavericky’ former Governor of Alaska has always been a Tea Party favorite, but no one could have predicted how powerful her endorsements would be just four short years after her debut on the national stage.  Texas State Senate candidate Ted Cruz was trailing his opponent by 12 points until he got Palin’s blessing. Then donations started flooding into his campaign. Palin has also given her official stamp of maverick-ness to Richard Mourdock, a contender for Richard Lugar’s U.S. Senate seat in Indiana, as well as Deb Fischer, an underdog in Nebraska’s GOP senate primary. Both won their respective primary races after Palin agreed to work on their behalf.
Coincidence? Not likely.
Palin beamed with pride on her Facebook page about those outcomes. "As recently as a week ago, Deb Fischer was dismissed by the establishment. Why? Because she is not part of the good old boys' permanent political class. The message from the people of Nebraska is simple and powerful: America is looking for real change in Washington, and common sense conservatives like Deb Fischer represent that change," Palin wrote.
So is Sarah Barracuda the new political king (and queen) maker? From where I’m sitting, Sarah is looking better and better every day. She’s been true to her anti-establishment roots through thick and thin, and seems to be choosing candidates that fit that same bill. If Palin plays her cards right, her political clout could make her a major player at the Republican National Convention. And with every win, her endorsements mean that much more, possibly setting up a scenario for a 2016 presidential run.
Diana Prichard is a red-leaning freelance writer living and working a blue state. She authors Cultivating the Art of Sustenance. Follow her on Twitter: @diana_prichard.

Friday, May 11, 2012

PPP Poll For Iowa 2016 Palin Highest Favorability At 70%.Romney Left Out Of Poll!

Looking ahead to the post Obama 2016 election, PPP Polling, which although Democratic party aligned has had a remarkable track record, polled Iowa, the first in the nation GOP primary state. 

If there was a total acceptance that not only would Mitt Romney be the 2012 nominee, but that he would defeat President Obama and then run for a second term, then such a poll would most likely not see the light of day. A poll of likely Dem candidates is a different story of course. 

PPP is even dismissive it appears of Romney being in the hunt for another shot at the nomination if he loses to Obama in 2012 "Maybe Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate in 2016" the state and then they go on to do a poll omitting him.

Of the candidates polled Sarah Palin has the highest favorability rating amongst  GOP voters in Iowa at a remarkable 70%. As far as voting intentions at this point are concerned, Palin polls in equal third place (two are tied for first place.)

It is not surprising that Huckabee and Santorum are tied for first as both campaigned hard in Iowa and won the state in their primary runs. I would be very surprised if Huckabee declared for the nomination in 2016, and would be amazed that if Palin did declare, and worked the state, if she didn't win Iowa or finish a close second.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

"The Hill" Sees 2016 As Palin Versus Clinton

Well known political site "The Hill" has an opinion piece up which looks to the 2106 election and the battle being between Clinton and Palin.

The author is solidly in the Clinton camp and thinks that Hillary would destroy Sarah in this match up. Amongst the reason for this supposed landslide are, ludicrously;

"Hillary Clinton fights for American workers and American women while Palin and Haley side against them on the great issues.

Hillary Clinton stands for equality and fairness while Palin and Haley represent the interests of elites who profit from unfairness and inequality."

Never mind, each one to their own opinion no matter how silly-as if Palin "represents the interests of elites."

What is of interest is the thinking that Palin could be  the GOP's candidate. This marks a turn from the left stating she is "irrelevant and a has been" and of course for Palin to be the candidate in 2016 it would mean that Romney lost in 2012-or was defeated by Palin in a 2016 primary battle.

Again, for all their denigration and dismissal of Palin the left shows that she lives rent free in their heads, and in reality that she is a formidable force.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Artists Creates Palin/Perry 2016 "Who Will Oppose Them" Art Print

Who would deny the creativity of this artist who is offering this interesting work for sale AT THIS LINK (no connection to me).

The only critique I would make is that the artist has not made it clear that the proposed team is Palin for President and Perry for Vice-President-not that I necessarily think that this is the best running mate for Sarah, but time will tell !

These continuing examples of Palin 2016 pre-memorabilia and conjecture are hardly a positive sign for the Romney campaign as they show a lack of belief in him winning in 2012. This is perhaps unprecedented where a presumed nominee is concerned.