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Research Confirms Nostradamus And Shakespeare Predict Palin President 2016

By Guest Editor A. Eritas

The prescient and amazingly accurate prediction of Nostradamus for our time, when he, through mystical bent, clearly and unmistakably showed that 2016 would be the time of great change-specifically when Sarah Palin would be elected President. The article setting out his prediction and the background generated enormous interest and is reproduced below the exciting new scholarly Shakespeare discovery

It may have been expected, perhaps, that such a prediction might be found amongst the works of so great a renowned seer but astonishingly the person considered to be amongst the greatest of writers WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE also predicted the ascension of Sarah Palin !

Shakespeare, writing almost 450 years ago left clear indications through his writings which contain a number of world famous quotes which, unmistakably and taken as a whole clearly point to only one person since the 16th century-the same century that Nostradamus made his predictions ! Did these two great minds somehow communicate together on such a world shaking matter?

Here are just some of the key phrases taken from Shakespeare’s works which no one can deny prove that this great mind somehow saw into the future and put his stamp of approval on the person to lead the new world to a newer world.

[This passage can only refer to Sarah Palin]

“how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world " Hamlet quote (Act II, Sc. II).

[If there is one defining aspect of Palin’s personality it is, surely summed up in this passage]

"This above all: to thine own self be true" Hamlet quote (Act I, Sc. III).

[This passage refers of course to the many times Palin has been asked if she is running for President and which her natural humility has prevented her from replying positively (yet)]

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks". Hamlet ( Quote Act III, Sc. II).

[Again, an exemplary aspect of Palin’s character]

"And it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man". (Hamlet Quote Act I, Scene III)."

[Here Shakespeare has, in a way which can only be described by Shakespeare himself “There are more things in Heaven and earth than dreamed of in your philosophy” seen into the future and the vile antics of MSNBC and the rest of the Lame Stream Media]

"I will speak daggers to her,". - (Hamlet Quote Act III, Sc. II).
and :"Thou art always figuring diseases in me; but thou art full of error; I am sound"

[This passage surely refers to what would be one of the most important policies the Palin administration would pursue to regenerate America]

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers". - (Act IV, Scene II King Henry VI Pt.2)

[The following two passages can only refer the recession and unemployment which has been the key feature of the Obama administration]

"True is it that we have seen better days". - (Act II, Scene VII As You Like It)

"Now is the winter of our discontent". - (Act I, Scene I. (King Richard 111)

[And this passage sums up the courage that Palin has which is also a mark of her character and will enable her to provide the leadership necessary to heal the wounds, cure the malaise and make America once again the shining city on the hill]

"True nobility is exempt from fear". - (Act IV, Scene I King Henry VI Pt.2)

And, to completely seal the deal (how could this be a co-incidence?) Governor Palin herself actually quoted Shakespeare! Wheels within wheels;
"Refudiate," "misunderestimate," "wee-wee'd up." English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!


The Seer Nostradamus, credited with amazing predictive abilities over the centuries apparently looked to our time and seeing a confluence of forces made a prophesy which can only point to the forthcoming election of Sarah Palin as the first female president in 2016. In the light of this the Democrat's are helpless in any election bid in the face of an overarching destiny which no one, certainly no man can overcome. It would appear that the only possible chance of retaining The White House the Democratic Party have would be to nominate Hillary Clinton.

As a fore note to the prophesy of Nostradamus, it is of value to take notice of the commentary of Sri Mataji Nirmali Devi on the forthcoming rise of positive feminine power.

"And I have to specially make a very important request to the women that in these Modern Times they are the ones who are going to save the world, not the men. They have done their job before. Now it is for you to save with your understanding, with your compassion, with your sacrifices, with your wisdom, and innate love not only your children, your husband, your family, but the whole world. It is a very great opportunity for all of you to do your bit. . . . The whole Cosmos, just in complete respectful attendance, is waiting for their arrival."

"Nostradamus also prophesied what will probably become one of the most important third millennium issue for Humankind: The rise and empowerment of women who will heal the world with Love, Compassion, Cooperation and Harmony. The debilitating patriarchal world of aggression, destruction, rape and pillage will have to step aside and let them nurse humanity back to sanity. Women will rise in strength and power for they have been abused for just too long—just like Mother Earth."

If we examine the specific female related prophesy of Nostradamus as set out by Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie in their book "Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women" (Labyrinth Publishing [UK] 1995) we can see they have interpreted Nostradamus prophecies that predict the decline of patriarchy. However, they explain certain prophecies in the light of existing knowledge and this has to be put in proper perspective.
"New law to occupy the new land
Towards Syria, Judeau and Palestine:
The great barbarian empire of men decay,
Before the moon completes its cycle."
Century 3:97

Which they interpret as;

"A new law will emerge in the new world of America,
At a time when Syria, Judeau and Palestine are significant:
The great barbarian empire of patriarchy that men have created will decay
During the time that the feminine spirit is completing its cycle." This completion is specifically taking place now.

Adi Shakti comments on this analysis "They have correctly interpreted this verse, adding that "Throughout his verses Nostradamus frequently refers to "the new land" to mean America." This is an established interpretation, and in this case the "new law" which will arise there is related, in the last two lines, to two factors—the existence of a "barbarian" male empire, which is in decay, which is in turn is related to the Moon and its cycles—a common metaphorical association with woman. Put simply, the great virgin territories of the New World will be the source of a rising "lunar" consciousness as a time when the Judeo-Christian is at its peak."

The great empire of patriarchy that men have created will decay during the time that the feminine spirit is completing its cycle Women are destined for far greater glory in this millennium as they are the very source of feminine spiritual power, who will raise all humankind to a new level of consciousness".

Now given the irresistible power of the transforming, coming feminine power for healing and good, Mascetti and Lorie present the key to the specific relation of Palin to Nostradamus "the rising femine power in economic, social judicial, religious and political terms". Shakti cautions that this assumption of the former male role in society will fail 'without self realization, (which) will only make them succumb to the aggressiveness necessary for success".

Given the terrible state of society on all levels, political, economic, moral, spiritual it is beyond questioning that there is the need for a transforming, transcending element capable of healing all these intractable difficulties. Patriarchy, the Dionysian element as described by Camille Paglia, has taken us so far and apparently is incapable of taking the world to the next level. There is only one other force capable of this and that is the feminizing element.

For this to be effective it needs to be in a position of political authority, mere persuasion, no matter how sanctified,  is not enough. Thus America stands in desperate need of a female leader. At this point in time, this crucial point in time, there is only one on the horizon, and that is Sarah Palin.

All the prerequisites, the strong female nature, the high degree of self-realization, the transforming capabilities based on inherent love of mankind, the deep spirituality, are forces strong in Palin who is the one seemingly prophesied,so long ago to "bring the new law"  by a far seeing seer.


Video;Palin On Running In 2016: "Anything Is Possible"

Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Palin 2016 Merchandise Site

Given that merchandise sites would not manufacture and promote items unless there was a demand for them it seems a good sign that a number have created Palin 2016 clothing and sticker sites. It is noticeable too that their Palin 2016 offerings are considerable higher than their Plain 2012 offerings.

Four and a half years is a long time to wait but for the dedicated, especially those who want an early start, these sites give access to flag flying.

The Sticker Hound site is AT THIS LINK and here are a few of their offerings. Note; Palin4president 2016 has no commercial connection to that or any other merchandise site.

Here is the Zazzle site; AT THIS LINK

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CNN; The GOP Needs Palin To Run In 2016"

"The GOP needs a Tea Party candidate -- either Sarah Palin or someone very like her. Alas, it's going to have to wait until 2016 to get its rogue."  

With thanks to Conservatives4Palin
Has something frozen over? A positive editorial piece on Palin from CNN?

You be the judge.

“If Only Sarah Palin had run…” by Timothy Stanley

The Republican presidential primary hasn’t exactly overflowed with talent. In December, it was a roll call of the undesirable Right: Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul, Perry, Huntsman and Bachmann — a list so long and bizarre that Count Dracula could have slipped in on the end and no one would have noticed. Except, as the citizens of Chicago will tell you, the dead always vote Democrat.
…..It didn’t have to be this way. If Sarah Palin had entered the contest, I’d hypothesize two alternative realities. One, she’d have the nomination sewn up by now. Two, she’d be running even in the polls with the president.
….That have proved to be problems for the top three candidates wouldn’t have been problems for Palin. For starters, she has none of Newt Gingrich’s intellectual hubris. There’s no way Palin would have promised to put a mine on the moon or suggest arresting judges who make decisions that are too liberal. Her conservatism is far more domestic and down-to-Earth.
….She’s also more disciplined than Santorum. Although we’ll probably be talking about them into the next century, Palin’s only two serious public gaffes in 2008 happened when she was unable to name a newspaper and was stumped by the Bush doctrine, both slips a product of ignorance. Santorum, on the other hand, is guilty of knowing his own mind all too well, offering unwelcome opinions on everything from the evils of hard-core pornography to the racial politics of the Trayvon Martin tragedy

Read the whole thing AT THIS LINK

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Palin4President 2016 Open Forum 03/28/12

Discussions supporting Sarah Palin and especially her running for president in 2016,should she not run in 2012, are welcome in the DISQUS
comments section at the end of this post.

Palin4president 2016 Disclaimer
Opinions expressed on this site are solely the responsibility of the site's individual authors and any guest authors whose material is posted here. This site is not authorized or operated by Governor Palin, her staff, or any other candidate or committee.

Palin2016 Clothing and Pre-Memorabilia On Sale.Grab' Em Before They Are Hot

The company ZAZZLE which AT THIS LINK knows which way the wind is blowing, and has a great range of Palin 2016 items on sale now. 

Caps/shirts/stickers-some a bit adventurous (Palin-Jindal 2016 for example) but all in the right spirit and right-on. 

I expect that Zazzle will be the go-to on line store post Tampa if Mitt is the nominee.

Here is a sampling but see the rest for yourself-I imagine the Zazzle shop will be a good Christmas site to consider possibly post-Tampa about November 8th.

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Jeb Bush Endorsement of Romney Is Good News For A Palin 2016 Run

Jeb Bush Endorsement of Romney Is Good News For A Palin 2016 Run

Posted by M. JOSEPH SHEPPARD'S "A POINT OF VIEW" on March 21, 2012

With Jeb Bush’s announcement that he is endorsing Mitt Romney (AT THIS LINK) for the GOP nomination the fact of Romney being the GOP establishment candidate is locked in. 

There was little doubt about the fact of course, but  with Romney’s supposed rightward shift during the campaign the edges of the matter were a bit fuzzy.

With a senior Romney staffer giving the game away with his “Etch A Sketch” (AT THIS LINK) comment (that Romney could simply erase all his “rightist’ remarks after getting the nomination and starting off as a “moderate” with a clean slate for the fall campaign) and the Bush endorsement the form of the horses now, and for 2016, is in sharp focus.

If Romney, the establishment “centrist” candidate, loses to President Obama in November, he will join the long line of such losers which includes Ford, Bush Snr. (second term run) Dole and McCain At that point the “electability,we must appeal to Independents” argument will have gone out the window. Along with it will go the chances of Jeb Bush, Christie, Daniels, Pawlenty, McDonell and the like.

After a Romney defeat the Tea Party, and most conservatives, will be in no mood for another such candidate and it will be the turn of the first genuine conservative since Reagan. 

Such a campaign could see the likes of Ryan, West, Rubio and even Bachmann entering the lists,without, hopefully, a Paul to muddy the waters. Of course the obvious person to be the conservative candidate for the GOP nomination at that point would be Sarah Palin.

I for one would relish a Palin vs.Bush battle for the 2016 nomination. Let the rank and file speak at that point and we will see if the vox populi can overcome the vast resources in money and mainstream media support the Bush clan could bring. I have no doubt as to Palin being the winner.

Did Palin Announce Candidacy Tonight;"That helps the GOP candidates as WE are trying to explain there is a better way"

Here is a quote from Sarah Palin's interview with Greta Van Susteren tonight. Is this the universal "we" or a Freudian slip-or has the cat been inadvertently let out of the bag "for those with ears to hear"?

Time will tell. (my emphasis on "we")

At 2;24 in the video clip below;

"I think that helps the GOP candidates as WE are trying to explain that there is a better way to address health-care issues in America versus what obamacare has done."

AT THIS LINK or the code below
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><noscript>Watch the latest video at <a href=""></a></noscript>

Gov. Palin on possible 2016 run: ‘Anything in this life is possible’

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gov. Palin on possible 2016 run: ‘Anything in this life is possible’

From CNN's Political Ticker:
8:20 p.m. ET - Appearing on CNN after voting at a caucus site in Wasilla, Alaska, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said she hopes the Republican race continues with more debates but she would not say for whom she voted.

8:22 p.m. ET - Asked if she would consider running for president in 2016, Palin said she "would seriously consider anything I can do to help our coutnry."

"Anything in this life is possible," the former 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate said.

8:25 p.m. ET - What would she do if her name was put in contention at the Republican convention?

"Anything is possible and I don't close any doors that would perhaps be open out there," Palin said. "My plan is to be at that convention."

8:26 p.m. ET - @PaulBegala: Sarah Palin just lights up the screen, esp when @CNN asks her if she might run in 2016. How many Repubs think she'd whip this lame field?

8:29 p.m. ET - @DanaBashCNN: Wow. Sarah Palin just told CNN in Alaska shes not closing the door to jumping in if there's a brokered convention. #CNNElections
Cross-posted at US for Palin

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President4President 2016

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Will September 1st See A Launch Of "Palin 2016" Sites & "Red Puma" Sites?

The GOP's convention in Tampa runs from August 27th to August 30th. If on August 31st Sarah Palin is not the presidential nominee (or perhaps more unlikely the vice-presidential nominee) as a result of a brokered convention, then a repeat, to a substantial degree of the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) phenomenon of 2008 is on the cards.

Hilary Clinton had a massive following, including many dedicated female supporters who, desperately unhappy with what they saw as Clinton being cheated out of the nomination created numerous PUMA blogs.

These blogs ran a serious anti-Obama campaign thought the election period and a few still exist today and it is quite feasible they will be recreated should President Obama lose in November. One would expect to see a substantial number of Hillary 2106 sites mid-November no matter how many times Clinton denies she will run.

Similarly I am in little doubt that by September 1st a substantial number of "Red PUMA" sites will have sprung up in support of Palin, and some of them quite openly hostile to Romney should he be the nominee.

That Palin will not be seen as having been robbed of the nomination by the GOP hierarchy, supported by the media, since she chose not to run, is of course a significant difference.

Of course, if there is a brokered convention, and Palin is seen as being denied the nomination by smoke filled room machinations, then the Palin supporters will explode. The most likely being they will sit the election out-even if she endorses Romney or whomever the nominee is.

However one only has to have a quick read of comments on various pro-Palin sites to see, that what appears to be a significant number, will not vote for Romney and, if he is the nominee, will be open to supporting the PUMA sites. This again, even if Palin supports the eventual nominee.

One thing is absolutely certain, if the GOP nominee loses to President Obama, then the day after the election the PUMA sites will be transformed into Palin 2016 sites and the left/right battle for the heart and soul of the GOP will have commenced.