Thursday, July 30, 2015

WCBM Maryland Opinion;"Trump / Palin Ticket a good fit for the Presidency of these United States."

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Trump / Palin 2016

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July 29, 2015-- Ferndale, MD

Trump / Palin Ticket

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin would be a good fit for the Presidency of these United States.
Mr. Trump is a businessman that has made a ton of money in the private market, declared bankruptcy, and has come back stronger then ever.  He has a strong sense of the money market, can bring back the dollar as the world’s currency, and will bolster our economy.
Trump is also one who will take no BS from foreign leaders, he will lead America to it’s once greatness.
Sarah Palin will be a perfect addition to his campaigning as our next Vice President, given her love of America, her political strength, and her desire to bring America back from the last seven years under Obama.
Dr. Ben Carson would be a fantastic Surgeon General, he has the knowledge and the background to effectively administer health care for all.
Various people that are chosen to fill cabinet positions under a Trump Administration will be an asset to our country.
Others may disagree with my opinion, and comments are welcome