Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Updated:Palin To Put Supporters And Haters Out Of "Will She Run" Misery By (End) July?

I wrote the following excerpt from a post "Palin To Put Supporters And Haters Out Of "Will She Run" Misery By July? back in January:

"For the Palin hate industry and equally for the dedicated supporters of Governor Palin the RNC announced potentially devastating news ;

"The Republican National Committee is announcing plans to hold nine presidential primary debates, with the first just seven months away. RNC officials reported Friday the first debate is scheduled for Ohio in August."
What this means to both groups is either the end of lucrative page clicks for the former and tears of exasperation for the latter or exhilaration, for vastly different reasons of course, in both camps.  
To even think that the Palin hate industry e.g. the likes of the execrable "Wonkette" (whose stock in trade is glimpses of the editor's bosom to titivate the sites immature demographic) actually have any thoughts about the policies Gov Palin espouses is of course ludicrous. The cottage industry has run for 6 years throwing red meat to the, often unbalanced, readership to reap the financial rewards of page views.
In the 2012 GOP presidential primaries run-up Governor Palin kept all and sundry guessing right up to October 5th 2011"[which ] ends nearly a year’s worth of media speculation about her political aspiration."  This time around, and being utterly realistic, the best the media speculation and blog for profit gang can do is squeeze about 6 months maximum out a possible Palin run. With the first debate set for August if Palin is not on the stage in Ohio with all the others who have declared then it can hardly be expected that there would be any credibility to a run held out to supporters subsequent to the first debate."

Nothing has changed to alter that analysis in my opinion except that we are in July and I have updated the new post to read "end of July" so I am still on track. It may be that, at the end of July, some events have happened (presuming that Governor Palin has not declared one way or the other, for this tale to reach its conclusion in August. August is, in my opinion, the very last chance for a positive declaration as by that point all possible candidates will have declared (there are two or at the most three still to come in July) and the debates will be upon us.

What has changed since January, apart from a multitude of candidates declaring and subsequently rising and falling and rising again and falling again in the polls, is some major activity by Palin. Which some see this as "housecleaning" before an announcement. Others see it a a preparation for a "road trip" as in 2012 to support her endorsed candidates and of course the haters, once again, and endlessly, see it as evidence that she is 'irrelevant" (but the still tweet about her which is very odd to say the least.

Actually it is not odd in the least because they wouldn't' be wasting their organizations time and backers money attacking palin unless she was perceived as a threat of some form-they don't seem to be attacking the last losing VP candidate Paul Ryan whose run was only three years ago compared to Palin's seven.

Here then, abridged  in some cases, from a number of commentators at Conservatives For Palin, is a review of Palin's solid run of major activity in the last month. Readers can draw their own conclusion as to what it means but even blind Bob can see that it has something to do with the upcoming primary season and 2016 elections!
And just to keep the pot boiling, mystery a mystery, Gov. Palin announces a new book to be published in November!

"Sarah Palin's Latest Book "Sweet Freedom: A Devotional. " Will Apply 'Biblical Principles' to Modern Issues"

"Effective August 1st, the Governor will be making all of her content free on her Facebook page and at SarahPac.com."

"An indication she is running. The Sarahpac site has been totally transformed."

    "Where do we stand on July 5th in relation to the 2016 election? So far we have about 16 Republicans running and no one pulling out into a substantial lead in polls. That means that the political types that control elections haven't decided who they favor yet and voters don't care yet.
    Sarah Palin is very much on the sidelines but isn't cheering for anyone and isn't catcalling anyone. Sarah's SHEPAC has been folded up this year. Sarah's contract with Fox expired and wasn't renewed. Sarah is ending her Sarah Palin Channel on August 1st. And since leaving Fox, she has not appeared on any TV network. The left must think that Sarah Palin is finished, but we know differently."
    "After the passage of recent Obama-enabling legislation, SarahPac donated to 34 courageous Republicans who voted against it and to ten more Republican primary campaigns. She has not donated on such a scale and on such a timeframe before. Some of these contests are a year away. Is she getting her SarahPac duties out of the way so she can give her attention to something else?"
    "She also recently promoted the release of a "full-length" video about her. The promotion included the words, "You ain't seen nothin' yet". The promotion included snippets from other Republicans, many of whom are running for President saying nice things about Sarah Palin."
    "On the 4th of July she sent those of us who subscribe to the Sarah Palin Channel an email, an email which needs to be read very carefully. The critical words are "August 1st", "all of my content will be free" and "and I’ll be right there with you doing the same on Facebook, SarahPac.com, and on the road as we confront a critical choice in 2016." She is going on the road and it's about confronting a critical choice in 2016. It's not about supporting Congressional candidates as she has been doing.
    She also released a video with basically the same information. The video was called "Coming in August". If the Sarah Palin Channel is ending August 1st, what is coming? Maybe the road trip? She also said that "it's with an important Presidential election coming that we're doing this". She said that she will be espousing her ideas during this road trip. If this trip were to back another candidate, wouldn't she be talking about their ideas?"
    "We have the rest of July to get through and we'll see what other hints are forthcoming. SarahPac will have to become ???Pac (could she get away with GrizzlyPac?) before she becomes a candidate. She can still use it to fund her political activities short of becoming a candidate. New mechanisms for fund raising will have to be put in place. We've heard a rumor of a new book, will that happen? If there is a book, the publisher funds the book tour, but if the person is a declared candidate, I don't think they can do that. Maybe they can."
    "I can foresee a summer filled with travel, appearances, radio and TV interviews, and maybe we'll see those media cars chasing a Palin RV down the highway again. If it looks like a campaign, smells like a campaign, and feels like a campaign, it is a campaign, official or not. So what we don't know is whether she'll come right out with it and make it official next Friday at her "$10 bill contest announcement" or when the full length video releases or if she waits until after the road trip."

    "It's very clear that this means she will be announcing soon. The FEC rules are such that one can't make money off of campaigning activity. Sarah can't run SPC make money if she's using it as a campaign tool. She is also going to need the widest possible circulation which can't be done if it's a pay channel."
    "Loyal supporter and subscriber,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. Please know beginning August 1st all of my content will be free.
    It’s an honor to have had you subscribe, and it’s illuminating to read and respond to so many of your insightful comments about current events.
    With an important presidential election coming up, we must ensure your voices are heard by the widest possible audience across this great land of ours.
    Please continue to share your ideas, dreams, and solutions for America, and I’ll be right there with you doing the same on Facebook, SarahPac.com, and on the road as we confront a critical choice in 2016.
    Members, you can find additional information about your subscriptions and how to obtain a full refund for your ongoing monthly service, which will conclude August 1, by clicking here.
    Let’s keep the conversation going and keep the faith and always know that together we will continue to make a difference! Providing content without cost to you equals more people receiving more truth, which equals more of YOUR positive impact on the world.
    Thank you. Sarah Palin"

    Toward the end of the video at 0:51. The bus is rolling and she said she'll be taking her message out on the road!
    Coming In August"

    "Exactly. That is why she's already sent or pledged her donations early for 2016
    • "never said that she would try to use SarahPAC money for a presidential run. In my opinion....she's emptying the balance on the PAC so that it can be re-named. She can use $5,000 of the PAC money towards her own run but that's it. She's never made endorsements this early before. And never made that many at once. I think the most she has ever made in one week is like 14 and that was in 2010 when she made dozens of endorsements during the cycle."

    Sarahpac just paid donations to 44 candidates for 2016 primaries, some over a year before they happen. This tells me that SarahPac is expending their funds and depleting resources ahead of a major change.

     The re-brand that recently occurred may have been simply to deflect attention from a race or it may be to match a forthcoming format for the campaign website that we haven't seen yet. There will still be a need for a site to support Congressional candidates but Sarah can't be connected to it. I would guess that it will go away only to come back with a new name and new management."

    "One must first use the funds to disband or re-name it. Endorsing dozens of candidates in a week tends to do that."
    "It's not an announcement ...yet. But it's something to celebrate. First, closing SHEPac, then leaving FoxNews but not appearing on other venues, now opening SPC for mass consumption. These are all things that would be prerequisites for a campaign. The buzz should be starting.