Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Buchanan: GOP Attacks, Courting Palin Helping Trump'" (NewsMax)

Buchanan: GOP Attacks, Courting Palin Helping Trump

Extract :
"Donald Trump's surprise courting of Sarah Palin, as well as the GOP's continuing attacks on him, are the catalysts helping the billionaire developer's meteoric rise in the polls, conservative pundit Patrick J. Buchanan tells Newsmax TV.

Buchanan, a former GOP presidential candidate himself, added that Trump's embrace of Palin, the former governor of Alaska and vice-presidential running mate of Sen. John McCain in 2008, is also big plus. Trump, who questioned McCain's status as a war hero, says Palin would be an excellent choice for his cabinet.

"The fact that he brings up Sarah Palin in the Cabinet, or that she is a gal that he can work with and he admires her point of view and the rest of it, that helps him with his constituency," Buchanan said.

"Now, there's some folks who obviously on the other side, the establishment, would say, good heavens that really makes it impossible for us to move to him.

"By and large, that probably helps him with his core constituency. She still has a tremendous following. She may be underwater in the polls, like almost everybody is, but she's still got a following."

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