Saturday, July 11, 2015

'Blue Nation Review' Joins Other "Progressive" Sites Utter Palin Derangement

I've written on a number of occasions when it appears the full moon has brought out the crazies to try and grasp why there is so much utterly mad obsession about Sarah Palin.

Yes, I get it, in a country with hundreds of millions of people even if 1% are absolutely mad, there will be the obsessed, the crazed, the frustrated, the jealous, the bored, and the juvenile who will get some sort of supposed pleasure out of it.

They Tweet, Facebook, Blog (at sites for the mad like "Immoral Minority/PoliticalGates/CrooksandLiars for example) and even writing, for the older non-computer literate, scrawl "letters to the editor" about her.

These oddballs choose Photoshop, outright pornography, bizarre rants, racism, outright lies, misogyny and any method know to man to denigrate her and her family. Still, for the personality traits and mental problems listed above their obsessions are comprehensible.

I am strongly convinced that for many of these poor misfits (not the genuinely mad whose problems defy rationality) there is a psychological explanation that fits most and that their obsession has its roots in the psycho-sexual  (I explored that concept in the article linked above) realm which seems to afflict some people in the outer reaches of liberalism.

For political activists however their obsession, in 2008 and early 2012 was perfectly understandable and rational, if not more than a bit overblown. When Palin was announced as McCain's running mate in 2008 it completely threw the Obama campaign and its most vehement supporters in the media and leftist blogs utterly off kilter.

Her selection was so unexpected, so far from left field that they had no immediate answer to the phenomenon which, nearly immediately, lifted McCain's campaign from the doldrums to a poll lead over Obama. It also destroyed the massive adulatory media/Blog/supporter paeans that had ensured after the Democratic convention. 

So yes, once the leftist forces got their wind back they launched the most vicious, personal, at times utterly filthy attack on Palin using every possible tool they had. As I said, it was perfectly understandable.

This was repeated,with no less vehemence during the early stages of the Republican primary campaign in 2012 when it seemed that Palin might be a candidate.

Also understandable is the constant barrage of hate articles at specifically "Progressive" Gay Blogs like 'Joe.My.God' whose posts gets a torrent of hate comments directed to her. That she is, or ever was, a threat to the Gay community is a madness that afflicted them and one would hope, now that the marriage laws they wanted have passed, they will become dispossessed of (but I doubt it). 

On the other hand there has been, right from the start a substantial number of Gay and Lesbian conservatives who have given strong support to Palin.

Now the odd thing is that after she announced she was not running and from that day to this, the campaign against her has not let up one jot. It may lessen from time to time, but it is always there.

This ongoing campaign goes through a cycle of memes: "She's a drunk, she's a bad mother, she's an idiot," and the most puzzling of all under the circumstances "Palin is yesterday's news and is totally irrelevant."

Leaving aside the Blogs like 'Immoral Minority' which seem to make a living out of running hate articles for their mad readers, and the disgusting hate site 'Wonkette' which just goes for page clicks to try and boost their editor's apparently measly income, the constant drumbeat of Palin denigration on Twitter is obviously coordinated.

Every time a new or regurgitated Palin meme is trotted out on Twitter there is an endless number of posters,whose profiles inevitable have a #UniteBlue link who Tweet exactly the same message word for word. That such a coordinated campaign exists (paid for and by whom?) is obvious, the fact of why it is is a mystery.

This is one example.The person in the image below continuously posts this Tweet over and over every day without cease. As can be seen the #UniteBlue link is part of his profile. What he has to gain is a mystery (although there is the begging for money ask again).

Someone or some group  within the depths of the radical "progressive" left structures must still think that there is some benefit for the Democratic Party to keep attacking a person who has not held office since 2009, who is not currently running for office and may never run for office. It just doesn't make sense.

The only thing that does make any sense of all this madness, obsession and UniteBlue activity  is that somehow the left fears Palin. Why they do if she is so irrelevant is, perhaps, also to be included  in the realm of psychological personality defect. 

UPDATE:This outfit "Occupy Democrats" has gone out of its way to prove my point. Not only have they pushed the "Palin is visibly drunk" meme to beyond any possibly rational limits with endless Tweets of this video they are so dumb as to include a clearly visible typo "respose"

What on earth  they have to gain by this massive campaign is a mystery. Do they really believe anyone thinks Palin is a drunk? they only succeed in making themselves look obsessed and utterly foolish. 

All they have done is to make their idiotic meme that Palin is 'irrelevant" look even more stupid by constantly tweeting about her-but, libs, what can you do.
Here's some  who followed the "spread the word" party line and made fools of themselves;


Yet another far-left "progressive" blog continues on with that segments utter Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS). At 'Blue Nation Review' LINK they continue on in nearly exactly the same manner as all the other similar possessed crazies.

There is the obligatory Palin picture, usually taken as a freeze frame from one of her videos, which show her in the worst possible pose (as if Hillary Clinton couldn't be subject to far worse). Then by this total nobody Jesse Berney
 @jesseberney the supercilious, childish juvenile "snark" rant. Its all so familiar after all these years and so tawdry.

The usual themes are trotted out; "Palin is finished." going mad, is a drunk (sic) has no influence outside of Facebook" (and of course the huge Twitter following and the media which jumps on every word she writes)

You'd think they would get the picture that she keeps going, getting richer, reinventing herself, and putting more and more of her chosen people into elected office. They don't have the brains to see that Palin has cleared the decks for a major intervention in the GOP's 2016 campaign.

Neither the brains to see that the cartoon Palin ran
had "8,683 Likes · 779 Comments · 4,753 Shares" at the time they re-posted it.

But no she's so "irrelevant" and "finished" that these progressives have to keep churning out hate articles. It's a mad mad scene and one can only speculate that some deep down fear, impenetrable by logic, must be driving these very very odd people.