Friday, July 31, 2015

A Sampling Of The Massive Amount of "Irrelevant" Governor Palin Media Coverage Today

These are just some of the positive to neutral news items about Governor Palin today. There are of course the usual idiotic "satirical" and hate pieces,which of course I won't link to, at the usual suspects (Huffington Post in particular, who's descent into utter childlessness is matched only by Teagan Goddard's site)

KBZK Montana
"Sarah Palin stands with Donald Trump, comes out swinging …
DakotaMeyer4Pres2024 retweeted M.Joseph Sheppard
@realDonaldTrump your support in Montana got his boost.
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Kevin Scholla at Breitbart;"great week for Trump and great week for Palin.That means it was a great week for America" …
A Palin Trump Ticket 2016; Video at Breitbart …
IFree press
Trump hires former Sarah Palin aide as national political director
Dispatch Times World news
Donald Trump campaign hires Michael Glassner as National Political Director
Palin and Paglia at Ricochet
2016: An Art Scholar’s Take