Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Victor Davis Hanson At 'National Review' Outstanding Attack On Left's Hate Campaign Against Palin

From C4P : Article section pertinent to Governor Palin:

"[T]he frequent charge of racism and sexism is predicated not so much on one’s gender and race as on one’s gender, race, and politics.
Certainly, few on the left worried much about the slurs against Sarah Palin during and after her vice-presidential run.

America’s overclass in the media and leftist politics constructed a sexist portrait of a clueless white-trash mom in Wasilla, Alaska, mindlessly having lots of
kids after barely graduating from the University of Idaho.

Even Bill Maher’s and David Letterman’s liberal armor would not have withstood leftist thrusts had, mutatis mutandis, the former called Hillary Clinton
a c–t or the latter disparaged Ms. Clinton as “slutty flight attendant” and joked that, when a teen, Chelsea Clinton had had sexual relations with a Yankee baseball player in the dugout.

Ironically it was the  by-her-own-bootstraps lower-middle-class Palin who braved the frontier,
no-prisoners, male world to become governor of Alaska; in real terms, she is the true feminist.

In contrast, according to doctrinaire  feminism, Hillary Clinton does not measure up. She has largely clung, in
mousy fashion, to her two-timing husband, excused his serial and manipulative philandering with young women of less clout and power,
traded on his political nomenclature, and piggy-backed on his career."

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