EverywhereI'm excited! We have two more candidates and why two! Jeb Bush and ... The Donald! So, Donald Trump. Ha ha ha. What a great time we are going to go through the loudmouth Trump at stake! Eye, I say what the "big mouth" in good sense, meaning that Trump has no need of water dance for anyone, so he can say what he pleases, as he always does. I have no idea why he has chosen to present, as it is not that you can spare billion dollars and do not know which spend it (which is true, because while his candidacy,He presented a statement by which it turns out has a fortune worth almost nine billion dollars ... phew!). Whatever their true motivation having Trump on the campaign can be assumed, as said Sean Hannity to learn, "the chute of adrenaline that all Republicans need. " Certainly it will be because his mere presence will force others to be less fearful and risk more or all of the headlines will carry Trump. But all that talk tomorrow when we will have a new installment of "thermometer GRGP". And it will be an amazing delivery because there is movement in our thermometer. The first variations in the temperature of the already announced candidates are produced and some of these changes are that we had never expected. Tomorrow I will see, promised! But today we have to go now Sarah, okay?
What? What? What if I did I miss something? What? ... Ah, Bush! That! Ha ha ha ... Poor Bush! Well, yes, that occurs. As expected, right? Furthermore Who cares? I not think anyone can get excited at all listening to the cuckoo egg that ... Come on, let's cut the crap and let's talk about serious things.
The first note of Sarah today refers to the "culture wars", "feminist battle." Thankfully, not all women in the world have gone crazy and some are who are not willing to go through the tube of political correctness and defeminization. In fact, they are so reluctant to do that they have no qualms in saying loud and clear. Bravo! If that's what he always says Sarah: we must learn to fight like girls.
Hey, girls! You do not need any stinking government to succeed!
This week on the real Hillary Clinton hometown of Chicago, 175 young women from across the United States (including Alaska!) Are studying the tools and techniques to extend a strengthened, genuine feminist message back on their college campuses this fall. This gives us hope for America! The girls skip the script!
The message will include the wise self-reliance, equality and our time-tested "inalienable rights" of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Now let's be clear, these are not the feminist your mother. The motto here is "women do not need the government to succeed." Right! I admire how to embrace one of the most politically incorrect positions and in which the leftist politically correct thought police rages more: the truth that God has endowed women for capable and brave enough to succeed without the government of Big Daddy enslave us under his matador of freedom control.
The summit is organized by Turning Point USA. University recognizes women leaders on campus as the vanguard of conservative activism common sense. This is no surprise to anyone who has witnessed the phenomenon Mama Grizzly! The great truth that "women do not need the government to succeed," recalls our next generation who do not need the "big brother" to success, more than they need a man to feel fulfilled or more than one fish needs a bicycle. That is the message of true feminism and I am encouraged to see the conservative return to our roots and live according to them.'Ladies, 2016 is the time to put your heels and removing gloves! Best wishes for a successful summit!
Here is the web of Turning Point USA to learn more. SarahPAC is proud to help sponsor it!
The second note is a true rehabilitation of Sarah by ... surprise, surprise! ... CNN! Yes, yes, that is the world crazy. And more yet. Rehabilitation comes six years late, but welcome it.
Well, who would have said that Alaska is home to the most diverse place in America?
The media, typically, laughed and jeered when they were educated on that fact during the vice presidential campaign. Now, years later, I thank the CNN set the record straight and help teach their colleagues in the media.
And today I have a lot of crows out there on the lake; if journalists need to eat something. Look here , Todd did not bother any of them as he parked.
This is the article of yore, written by Moni Basu:
Anchorage, Alaska (CNN) - The shelves at the Red Apple Market are a dead giveaway.Dry squid. Sambal Olek chili paste. Australian lamb. Canned grass jelly.
Another hint: take bus number 45 crowded, winding through Mountain View Drive, and hear talk in seven languages; none of them English.
These markers of diversity are in a neighborhood in Anchorage can surprise people below the 48 painting Alaska as a tip US largely homogeneous and snowy. But Alaskans are very proud of their distinctive demographics.
Remember the very parodied Katie Couric interview Sarah Palin in 2008? A segment ended with this sentence: "Believe me, Alaska is like a microcosm of the United States."
Palin's assertion was despised because black and Hispanic populations in Alaska are below the national average.
And yet ...
Mountain View, a suburb northeast of Anchorage, has the most diverse census tract in the United States. That's according to Professor of Sociology at the University of Alaska Chad Farrell, who analyzed the census data.
In fact, Farrell said that the three most diverse census tracts of the country are in Anchorage, followed by a few in Queens, New York, which usually top the list of diversity in the imagination of everyone.
Mao Tosi, an American Samoan and former NFL quarterback, returned to Mountain View after he finished his career with the Arizona Cardinals. I wanted to be part of this rapid change and help assimilate the Samoan community.
"This place is a picture of the future of the United States," says Tosi, his body of more than 190 centimeters projecting an imposing shadow on the Northway Mall it manages.
He speaks of a future in which the United States will no longer be a majority white.Most predictions say it will happen in the middle of this century and Tosi think the nation can take an example or two of Mountain View.
"Children are growing up here not knowing the color of their skin," he says. "They are more influenced by what your neighbor does."
How did here Mountain View?
So how exactly did Mountain View Score as high in diversity?
Farrell explains the index used to measure diversity: he looked at the number of ethnic and racial groups, but more importantly, studied its size relative to the other.
Farrell found that two things prompted Mountain View to the top. First, there is a significant white population. In many other places, neighborhoods that have increased in diversity have also seen leaving whites. Not so in Mountain View.
Mountain View also has a significant population of native Alaskans, what they lack in other cities in the United States ..
Alaska diversity has increased in recent years for a number of reasons. These include its economy, which flourished when other states were recovering from the recession because it was driven by fishing and oil.
The state is also home to nine military bases and Mountain View is close to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Hawaiian businessman William Hoopai recently opened a new restaurant on the main street called "West Berlin".
Aha. Schnitzels and sauerkraut attract a lot of men and women in uniform who have spent time in Germany.
And there have been new immigrants to Alaska, including refugees from troubled countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Cuba, Iran and Bhutan.Many have resettled here in Mountain View.
OMiMa Adam, a civil engineer from Sudan, arrived in 2010.
"I was so surprised when I saw all that snow," he said from the window of his food truck, "Sultan Shawarma" parked between a site and one Dominican coffee makers.
"But I'd rather be cold to be dead," says the bloodshed in his native Darfur.
She learned English and put his heart and soul into their kibbes , shawarma andfalafel . She wants to turn the business into a full-fledged restaurant and go back to college to get an engineering degree that is recognized in the United States.
Mountain View was his new beginning.
'A better chance at life'
Obviously, this is not a rich place.
Among the new colorful houses built the Housing Authority of Cook Inlet subisten torn and tattered structures with paint that falls and broken windows. Mountain View Boulevard is full of shops and Price Busters and Cash America Pawn. Department stores dropped all reference Northway Mall, the first enclosed Alaska.
The last census counted 39% of households earning less than $ 25,000; 19% are below the poverty line. That explains why Alice's house "Mother" Lawrence is full every evening.
The 79-year old runs a nonprofit organization that collects food that has passed its expiration date on the shelves of local grocery stores and distributes them to the hungry. Bread, cakes, fruits, vegetables, snacks, soft drinks.
She landed here in 1967 as a military wife. I had a lot of children and after her first husband left her, she learned how to be strong. "No one helped me here," she says."They would not give me a dime."
It was then that he met the Lord and His calling in life: to help the needy. She purchased a Casio keyboard and fielded seven pews in your living room to minister to the poor.
His son, Randy Lawrence, says people he meets in other states say: "What? Are there black people in Alaska? ". The census Mountain View has a 13.1% African-American, which is about the national average.
Lawrence, 49, described as an aspiring Anchorage cool city.
"There it is," he laughs while boxes cinnamon buns last download. "As for Mountain View? It is the neighborhood. It's as bad as they say around here. "
Yes, there are gangs and drugs and other types of crime that is inextricably linked to poverty. But he likes to live in a smaller place that is racially diverse.
"As a black man, I have to say that you have a better chance of life here," he said, comparing it to New Jersey, where he was born.
Carnard Davis, 44, agrees. He moved here from Bowen Homes housing project, now demolished, southwest of Atlanta and works at the Boys and Girls Club, where he is known simply as Mr. C.
"I came here on vacation and saw how quiet and nice it was this," he says. "I wanted a change."
The club is packed into this cold afternoon with children at least a dozen places. Not all speak English well, but Davis says that does not matter.
On the wall is a sign with the question: "What is this place for you?" Many answers say "family". One says: "This is a place where I can be me."
Living together: "Even white people like me '
Mountain View was not always a bowl of the world.
It grew as a suburb that was annexed to Anchorage in the 1950s exploded as the place where the transient oil workers who came for jobs in the Trans-Alaska pipeline is settled. The story is reflected in the homes of Mountain View, lots of inexpensive consists of numerous duplexes and apartment complexes, which in turn attracted people looking for cheap rentals in a state where the high construction costs make it a decent housing face.
After the pipeline was completed, Mountain View went into decline. Crime soared in 1980 and 1990 and the neighborhood took a bad reputation.
The architectural designer Yerrington Clark moved here in 1999 and recalls how his friends were surprised. It was common to hear people in Anchorage then say, "Never you move to a neighborhood that ends with 'view'".
Mountain View and Fairview, named for its proximity to the Chugach Mountains, had become unsafe. At the height of the era of cocaine and crack, the blocks around the house Yerrington were "on all night."
"It was not premeditated," says Yerrington, who is white. "I moved here because it was affordable. I did not expect to be here long. "
His friends refused to visit him. But he is happy to have stayed.
Mountain View has recovered in recent years, says Kirk Rose, executive director of The Anchorage Community Land Trust, which has purchased and rehabilitated properties and encourages revitalization.
A credit union conviertió a monstrous gas station and opened the first financial institution in these parts. Before that, there were only pawn shops that carried the 20% cash a check, says Rose.
"The credit union has added 3,000 new accounts," he says.
And growth around Mountain View has helped. Olive Garden opened last year (a major event) and now the clothing giant H & M has announced that it will come to Anchorage (an even bigger event). That's the rumor on the street.
The key to Mountain View is its strong housing authority, which has guided the construction of affordable housing. One of the reasons that the houses are cheaper is because buyers only pay for the house. The housing authority owns the land.
The best housing has helped change the neighborhood to be largely transitory measure to a place where people want to stay, says Rose. "And that is so important to the health of a community."
Yerrington proudly displays a collection of pictures on the wall of his room. They are houses in Mountain View, each representing a place he is unique.
No white part of town. Or Eskimo village. O Chinatown. No established patterns.
"We all live together. Even white people like me. Think about what it would be if the whole country had been organized well. Well it makes people getting out of their comfort zone and mingle with the neighbors who are different. "
And there's one more thing. It is Alaska. Yerrington house is surrounded by greenery and wildlife. Mountains and elk.
He can not think of another place in the United States like this.
And the third and last note refers in passing to the Republican primary, but that's not really their issue, but to families with children with special needs. We know that theliberals repatean these children and crave them as hard they can be to abort all (and over with the excuse that "do not want to have to suffer in life", I so hypocritical!). As withObamacare Obama the evil has found a twisted way to make life much more difficult, almost impossible, for these children, as you will discover in this note of Sarah.
Encouraging to see the strength and diversity that the GOP has to offer voters as the 2016 race continues to unfold. Unlike the coronation of the left, conservatives can turn into a positive and healthy democratic debate (with a small g!) On the best way to restore America the beautiful and bold dream that our founders envisioned.
Today was encouraging to hear the governor Jeb Bush speak directly to a topic that touches so many lives in these difficult, both culturally and fiscally times: raising a child with special needs. Almost a quarter of American families living with special children experiencing major challenges what some people will never understand. These families need an advocate in a government that insists that you can set priorities of our country, especially given the disastrous consequences of Obamacare in the community with special needs. As has been said today, these children are truly a blessing and they can teach us more than we can teach to them. Some days it is certainly difficult to understand all of God's purposes, but it helps when we choose as leaders have a heart for the less fortunate. I'm glad the life of Jeb was touched by the children of God and I hope to continue with a positive message of inclusion, strengthening and details as how we can advocate for families who never expect the government to do everything, but they would like to count on the government to his side.
This campaign is just getting going with many good candidates and many more to come. Let's keep our hearts open, but our eyes and ears too! May the best man or woman win! See you on the road!
I do not think the worst thing that could happen is raising a child with special needs. I think the worst thing is raising a child who is cruel to those with special needs.
PS You can read more about the impact of Obamacare on families with special needs here:
Take a moment and see this beautiful video here:
The article in The Daily Caller that refers Sarah is this, signed by Patrick Howley:
The Affordable Care Act President Obama, known as "Obamacare", will make it more difficult for parents of children with special needs tuition in special schools and the purchase of medical equipment, according to a new report.
More than 30 million Americans save money on a "Flexible Spending Account" [Flexible Spending Account FSA] tax-free through their employers to help save emergency funds to pay the medical expenses of their families. Obamacare institutes a new limit of $ 2,500 for the FSA, which will make more money and tax could raise 13 billion dollars in taxes to the federal government in the next decade.
"Before Obamacare was approved, there was no limit to the amount of money you put into your FSA could work, "said Ryan Ellis, director of fiscal policy of Americans for Tax Reform, told The Daily Caller. Ellis felt inspired to carry out an investigation into the issue after hearing complaints from a friend with a child with special needs.
"Most people do not, but the group that gets a lot of money in your FSA are parents of children with Down and parents of children with physical disabilities syndrome," Ellis said.
"Today, if parents send their children to a special school, enrollment is considered a qualified medical expense that can be paid through your FSA. If you have a child who needs a durable medical equipment that is not covered by insurance, can pay through your FSA, "Ellis said. "If the FSA had a limit before Obamacare , these were determined by the employer. The IRS had nothing to do with that. "
"Obamacare creates a new ceiling of $ 2,500 for the FSA," continued Ellis. "That will not affect most people, barely paid enough to put the glasses or dentist. But the group is being restricted is the parents of children with special needs. "
Ellis said that this technical change will add huge costs to parents.
"A large part of the fees that parents pay for schools for special needs used to be tax free. Now, they are subject to paying taxes, "Ellis said.
The early intervention program at the National Child Research Center, an independent pre-school in Washington, DC, costs more than $ 14,000 a year and a more immersive program costs more than $ 26,000.
The White House did not respond to a request for comment.
It can be bad, but so bad it's almost impossible to believe. If Obama put half the effort he puts into doing evil to do something useful, as would be the best president in the history of the United States. May God curse you, Saddam!
Finally, the temperature will go up tomorrow, okay?
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