Monday, June 29, 2015

Sarah Palin 's SarahPac Donated to 44 Conservative Candidates Today-Her Message

Dear Friends,

YOU are the success of SarahPAC! Thanks to your support, SarahPAC has grown to become one of the strongest forces within conservative politics. Together we are working hard to support and elect conservative leaders who will fight for what's right in America!

You were pivotal in the efforts to reclaim majorities in the U.S. House and Senate. In a new documentary called "Building America's Future" to be released later this summer, many of the leaders you have helped elect take time to reflect and speak directly to you, SarahPAC supporters. Their testimonies will inspire you to keep the faith and never give up on our country. They thank YOU for influencing national debate and the outcome of crucial elections. Watch the trailer here, and click here to be among the first to see the entire documentary when released:

As we look to 2016, your continued support is critical to expanding our majority and electing a conservative President. Just today, SarahPAC donated to 44 strong, courageous conservative candidates, including the 34 U.S. House members who had to stand against their own leadership to do the will of the people and fight Obamatrade. With your support, these are the type of bold leaders we will elect in 2016.

It's an honor to be working with you. Thank you, and God bless you and America!

- Sarah Palin