Thursday, June 25, 2015

"PALINISTAS, to arms! SARAH WE CLAIM!" (Translated From Spanish Article)

By "Moosecon"Translated from the original Spanish  at   LINK


EverywhereThis really expect me not me! Sarah has called us all to be aware of an upcoming video posted on his website SarahPAC. For now, there is a breakthrough of this video to come, to be entitled "Building America's Future", which can be seen below. Ay, ay, ay, what a thrill! Is it finally announce that the video where we all hope? Is it finally announce that the video where we all crave? Is it finally the mother of all videos with the mother of all this? Yes, I know ... It's been months since I've ruled thatAds were to occur, but I swear by my hope of enlist someday Breitbart Madrid if finally that we all are thinking right now that Sarah presents its candidacy for president of the United States, comes true, I will be very GLAD eat my words. I repeat: very happy. And I will eat me. All, toditas all. No salt or anything. And you will see it. And then we'll laugh all what a fool I am, we will open a few cold beers, toast to Sarah and immediately we will get to work to help reach the White House, which is what you ask us all the body since 2009.
This is the advancement of video hung SarahPAC that has put us all spiky hair:
There is another story that consider the matter and that is, perhaps not so surprisingly, Sarah Palin and Fox News have terminated their collaboration. I did not know and I've heard this morning. The contract linking the two sides concluded on June 1, has not been renewed and Fox News swears that his separation was amicable. If they say ... The fact is that now Sarah has no contractual commitment that would constrain their decisions and are free to do what he pleases (eg stand as a candidate in the Republican primaries).
And there is another story but consider: Sarah page on Facebook, which is their primary means of communication with almost 4.5 million followers has changed in appearance, renewing the header and the picture of Sarah.
New banner FB
Sarah Facebook
The quote includes the header is certainly enigmatic: "I entered the government to do the easy and secure. A ship in port is safe, but is not that what was built. " Hmmm, what does that mean exactly? Because it can mean many things. Even it may mean nothing. In advance of his announcement, that it hangs in SarahPAC, Sarah says she's ready to get out there and continue to change things with our help. Well, that can either be the announcement of a forthcoming own candidacy as his willingness to campaign for candidates she prefers. All this is very intriguing and we did not want too many illusions, just in case. Nor do I believe that we have Sarah all on tenterhooks and then get away with nonsense, but ... Let's wait. I say, when there is something, I'll let ipso facto.
Meanwhile, I am waiting to eat my words (hopefully!).
eat your w2
PS Today he played a new installment of "thermometer GRGP" presenting a new candidate (Bobby Jindal) and showing milk that has stuck the Judas that Marco Rubio, a little more and just in the basement of the way they He has fallen back. See how was right when I said that Rubio is a cuckoo's egg establishment ? That guy is bad! It is very bad!Really you would trust a ticket bus used such rogue? Anyway, having an input of urgency today, postponed the planned entry until Saturday, okay?
PPD is rumored that next week will announce his candidacy Chris Christie. Yuck!
PPPS Do they tell the truth? Nevertheless, I still believe that Sarah will announce his candidacy. Yes, I know! I am a killjoy! (All my ex-girlfriends would agree with you).
PPPPD If I had to bet, I would bet rather announcing their support for a candidate of the existing ones. ¿Jindal perhaps? The fact is that long ago could have announced their support for Cruz and has not done ...
PPPPPD Okay, me and I shut up.
PPPPPPD Yes I am heavy, yes. All my ex-girlfriends would agree too, BUAA!
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An answer to PALINISTAS, to arms! SARAH WE CLAIM!

  1. Santi said:
    Enigmatic Sarah Palin. again. Expectantly we wait your news, but without throwing the rooftops. Everything is possible with Sarah. Palin 2016! :)
    Bob, calm, what has to be will be.