Monday, June 8, 2015

Palin On Hannity Re:Duggars/Media/Primaries "Focused On Point & Engaged"

Sarah was focused-enraged and engaged, serious and "on point"

This was in utter contrast to her "big gulp" sort of manner Sarah was focused-enraged and engaged, serious and "on point" and if she runs is exactly the candidate I would expect her to be.

The media would have to take her seriously-as serious as she was herself tonight.

Interestingly Governor Palin endorsed Bernie Sanders campaign methods compared to Hillary Clinton's;

"But what Bernie is doing is right. He's wrong on approaches, he's a socialist, but his (campaign) approach is right. He's taking his message  to the people, not to orchestrated events like Hillary is so used to and the media allows her to get away with"

From Conservatives4Palin LINK

June 8th, 2015 • iizthatiiz
Governor Sarah Palin takes the media to task for the double standard in their treatment of Lena Dunham who committed a long pattern of sexual abuse against her younger sister.
Palin points out that Dunham was celebrated by her liberal media cohorts, while that same media "crucified" the entire Duggar family.  She also has questions about how public officials were allowed to humiliate and re-victimize the Duggar girls by publicly releasing records of the abuse they suffered as minors.
Palin also commented on the unfolding 2016 presidential contest with Fox News host Sean Hannity.