Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Major Positive Statement On Donald Trump By 'Conservative's4Palin's Moderator Steve Flesher

My rant on Trump for today....
Why I find him appealing is for a couple reasons.
First, even IF he doesn't win the nomination, his presence in the debates is going to do major things.
In his interview with O'Reilly, he said that any politician running for pres will result in favors for campaign donors and lobbyists.
Trump goes in knowing the ins and outs of politicians and the deals they make behind closed doors.
He knows the wealthy people who've made the deals and knows the politicians who are guilty of it.
He's knows the difference between a reason and a season when it comes to serving.
As such, his opinion of Governor Palin has remained in the highest regard. He knows Gov. Palin's service is quality, that she won't float around like a dead fish in one stagnant political office and go with the flow just so she can keep a title.
With Trump running, it puts a new emphasis on why these people are there and WHO IS IN CHARGE: WE THE PEOPLE.
I see energy in here I haven't yet seen and it feels great sharing it with you all.