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Huge Palin News Coverage;TPA/Dem Racism/Duggars & More;Translated From Spanish

Translated from Spanish from Going Rogue Going Palin


EverywhereAnd so much it hurts! Therefore, the left prefers not to know anything about it and, if necessary, invent one to your liking and convenience. Thus, they never stand to lose. A completely childish, no doubt. The same child who covers his eyes and pretend that something like that does not like, does not exist. Against this, there is only one remedy: a paternal soplamocos forcing him to face reality (in the case of the silly boy) and uproarious laughter and immediate history lesson offered in situ by the first decent person who is in the audience(In the case of leftist fool).But when the right has decided that this is not "popular", then the newspapers call them bad names and it costs looooong ass lift the seat and face an illiterate audience that knows no more history than the motto: "All Blame it on Aznar "is not surprising that liberals have been made ​​masters of the roost and go out there full of pride, being intended the smartest neighborhood when they are nothing but a shit punctured a stick. We would not be in this situation if our politicians were right and not mere Pamphiles educated people as illiterate and unable to have a proper thought as to the left.
As an example of what can hurt a history lesson, nothing like the first note of Sarah today.Do not forget that the fight against slavery was a Republican struggle (with some Democrats too, but few) while all slave were Democrats.
Thank you for this reminder, friends of the great state of Minnesota!
History hurts
A quick history lesson. 13th Amendment: Abolition of slavery. 100% Republican support. 23% Democratic support. 14th Amendment.Granting citizenship to freed slaves. 94% Republican support. 0% Democratic support. 15th Amendment: Right to vote for all men. 100% Republican support. 0% Democratic support. Obamacare . 0% Republican support. 86% Democratic support.
And as proof of how bad they feel the liberals to be told the truth in the face, just read some of the comments received Sarah by this notice, especially sulfur. Are those who claim that the Minnesota say is not true and that the Democratic Party was formerly the Republican and the Democratic Republican Party was following that infused logic that says that all good leftists and did everything wrong , right-wingers ... Of course! As now seek to blame for the emergence of ISIS is Bush ... Ha ha ha brave asshole! Go and fuck you a fish!
The second paragraph of today do not correspond to any note of Sarah, but to an interview granted to his Extra . It has to do with the issue of double standards in media when it comes to judging a leftist and a rightist by the same evil. In this case, it is the matter of the Duggar, you know. Sarah has never been afraid to give their opinion and defend it against all odds and that's something that the blogger can attest. And now, when it would be easier for her to keep quiet, he is giving loud and clear. Bravo, Sarah! That's what to do: give battle in the culture wars, those who always wins by forfeit even left their rivals. We must talk, you fight and you have to win. And if you get unhappy red, the better. This is my translation of the article Extra :
Sarah Palin explains his decision to support the Duggar family in the wake of the sex abuse scandal that has rocked the family. Open former governor spoke with "Extra" at his home in Alaska, revealing why it was so important for her to speak for the Duggar family.
"I have always spoken on behalf of victims and there are victims in this matter of Duggar and other exploited and sexually assaulted and had to live with the inconvenience, sexually speaking, someone they trusted."
His indignation was kindled further by the coverage of the media: "The hypocrisy of the media on how they try to crucify an entire family for the actions of a 14-year-old, 12 years ago."
Palin says she feels sorry for the victims: "Unfortunately, this has been dug up and the girls trusted their counselors and law enforcement that what they were telling the police and counselors would all confidential and private, and this has been revealed for all the world to see and they are humiliated. "
Palin said he was proud of the way Seewald and Jill Jessa Dillard, who identified themselves as victims of abuse of his brother Josh, presented themselves in "The Kelly File".
"They did a great job explaining who have forgiven his brother for 14 years," Palin said.
He added that he meets Josh, who was accused of touching four of his sisters and a babysitter when she was a teenager, and she feels she is being punished in the court of public opinion, but also feel you may be able to use this situation for good, explaining that this could be an opportunity for him to "educate others, helping others to overcome difficult situations, maybe that's part of the redemption that touch him and, ultimately, help society. "
Sarah herself was attacked by dragging actress Lena Dunham in the Duggar controversy, something that she has no regrets. "Lena Dunham is the operator of that I have ever heard, which boasts and is celebrated for its sexual exploitation of a child, it breaks my heart ... She molested a little girl and yet is rewarded with fame character and fortune ".
Palin is always ready to answer any question that you do, but which is still turning in his head is whether he will run for president. "Never say never. Who knows ... Stranger things have happened, "he said.
Another battle in the culture wars and that is our own: the battle for the flag. In Spain, it is increasingly embarrassing draw the national flag. In fact, even the king himself has decided that it is better to hide some and refusing to provide daily honors. Well, I will consider it when the time comes! But Sarah has not openly proud about it, well that's her flag of stars and stripes. And we, as should be any freedom-loving! I do not know if you know this, but in my table I together the flags of Spain, the US and Israel, and a crucifix, of course.
On 14 June, the United States celebrates Flag Day. We celebrate more than a canvas cloth stars and stripes. Our flag was adopted by the Second Continental Congress in the midst of the American Revolution and symbolizes the hope of our nation!
At a time when some are deliberately forcing many things to divide our country can come together around our shared symbols and remain strong thanks to this unity, especially embracing that which represents our American soul. Every day should be the Flag Day! On June 14 we will show the red, white and blue with honor and pride;and together, we can admire the "emblem of the land we love, home of the free and the brave".
Please share the photos of the celebration is the Flag Day, either respectfully displaying the flag on her porch, carrying the flag on t-shirts or badges, waving it from your car, truck, boat or bike, showing them in the garden or in the office cubicle, maybe decorating a cake with our colors ... Either way you want to show their pride in the ol 'Glory ! It is good for the soul of our country and celebrate together!
Follow this link to share your photos:
And this is the second note of Sarah today. Fighting as long ago had not read another ... and disturbing. Worrisome in the sense that I have something chagrined. But not so Sarah says in his note, which share up and down but because Ted Cruz is one of the supporters of this deal on Obamatrade of Sarah warns. I can not believe me! I took several days trying to understand why it has taken this position and still do not understand. Cruz has been explaining at length during these days and their arguments, despite being reasonable, I have not totally convinced. In fact, I'm so upset that I've been tempted to withdraw Cruz of their position at the top of the "thermometer GRGP" and lower a degree ... or two. I do not want to do until they have spent a few more days and you have thought deeply about the whole thing. Not forgetting something Sarah said years ago and which he is: "Never will agree on all issues with our representatives." Nor can I forget that Sarah herself was stuck in a similar scrub when she was governor of Alaska and had to nominate a judge to the Supreme Court of the State ... and nominated a supporter of the legality of abortion. I had to do it because that judge, at least, was also keen to respect the verbatim text of the Constitution of the State while the alternative I had was that of a magistrate male, favored to ride roughshod Constitution when conviniera. You will not remember which is then armed, but Sarah told him everything and nothing good. Therefore, I prefer to handle me with care in this case and see what just happening. Cross is not a traitor and I can not believe that is no longer the person who was the overnight, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. There will be time to decide whether this is serious enough to mean that we lose our trust in him or not.
The secret affair huge impact Obamatrade is another treatment of those in the capital concluded behind closed doors and with all speed that screams "do not approve until we know what it contains". However, political will and what will support this pet project of Obama, ignoring the public's right to know what this monumental international trade agreement. And this, despite the president's proven track record that has never been concerned about putting first American workers.
If Congress gives Obama this secret agreement on a silver platter, admitting that not even have read it first, then the fault is ours to let history repeat itself. This is the same friends. As with Obamacare , when we rang the alarm, but many were too busy to pressure their employees (their elected officials) to do the right and read it first.How long can the Congress to stop any fast-track closed by a management agreement intimidating? They have never done before. We do not learned the last time?
This is the Breitbart News article referred to Sarah:
A whopping 34 brave conservative Republicans shocked the political world on Thursday severely hurt, and almost kill Obamatrade in a vote of formality .
The most important thing is that the vote was passed with less than a majority of the full House of Representatives. The speaker , John Boehner (R-OH), was only able, in a vote of formality, to get 217 votes, instead of 218 for a majority in favor. It passed in the House by 217-212.
The vote, which was almost lost and that would have ended Obamatrade right there was a necessary procedural obstacle, a rule which was binding on that Obamatradereached the full House of Representatives for final consideration on Friday. What's more, the almost successful effort to kill Obamatrade , to whom it has strongly lobbied by the Republican leadership in the House, especially the chief architect of the program, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, the Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), means there will be struggle for Obamatrade until the last moment.
The 34 conservatives who stood up to the establishment of Washington are representatives Justin Amash (R-MI), Rod Blum (R-IA), Dave Brat (R-VA), Ken Buck (R-CO), Jeff Duncan (R -SC), John Fleming (R-LA), Trent Franks (R-AZ), Scott Garrett (R-NJ), Chris Gibson (R-NY), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Paul Gosar (R-AZ ), Morgan Griffith (R-VA), Andy Harris (R-MD), Jody did (R-GA), Walter Jones (R-NC), Jim Jordan (R-OH), Raul Labrador (R-ID) Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), Thomas Massie (R-KY), Mark Meadows (R-NC), Alex Mooney (R-NY), Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), Gary Palmer (R-AL), Steve Pearce (R-NM), Scott Perry (R-PA), Bill Posey (R-FL), Keith Rothfus (R-PA), Matt Salmon (R-AZ), David Schweikert (R-AZ), Marlin Stutzman (R -IN), Daniel Webster (R-FL), Mo Brooks (R-AL), Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) and Ted Yoho (R-FL).
"Americans should be proud that 34 Republicans have put his country before his political party today," said the president of Americans for Limited Government News Breitbart Rick Manning. "Your vote to stop short Obamatrade is one that sets the stage for the defeat of morning he would go through the fast-track the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and others. The nation has with 34 heroes a debt of gratitude. "
Glyn Wright, executive director of Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum, told Breitbart News:
"We are very grateful to the 34 Republicans bold enough to vote NO to the rule. It was a difficult vote for many, but a bold statement about the shameful policy process. We hope more members show such courage morning. I have said many members of Congress that calls for voters against the bill they are coming at a ratio of 20: 1. We will see tomorrow who are listening to their constituents and who is beholden to big business and leadership " .
The bill would have been completely rejected during the vote on the rule, something so extraordinary that almost never happens, but during the fight against "CRomnibus" last year nearly happened, had it not been for eight Democrats who came to rescue Boehner and Ryan. These Democrats are representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Gerry Connolly (D-VA), Jim Cooper (D-TN), Henry Cuellar (D-TX), John Delaney (D-MD), Eddie Bernice Johnson (D -TX), Rick Larsen (D-NY) and Ron Kind (D-WI).
If those eight Democrats had voted against the rule, as they normally do, because these votes are cast usually as parties, the vote would have failed by 220-209 andObamatrade have died.
It is almost unheard of for Republicans voting against a Republican rule, especially in such high numbers. So this was a serious rebuke to the leadership of the Republican Party.
Indeed, one of the members who voted against the rule, Matt Salmon (R-AZ), has been cited by the leadership of the Republican Party for its efforts to promoteObamatrade , so his decision to change his mind is significant . It also means that Salmon is seriously listening to his home in Arizona, as it is considering to run against Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in the primaries, but now, with Senator McCain's potential rival, state Sen. Kelli Ward, publicly declaring aggressively against Obamatrade , is moving away from its support for it. It remains to be seen how it will vote on the final vote on Obamatrade Friday, but if not end up changing meaning their vote again, it is difficult to see successfully overcoming Ward in an attempt to seize the headquarters of McCain in the Senate.
Salmon except, of course, you can expect that each of the other 34 Republicans who voted against this rule will vote against the final approval of TPA on Friday unless something changes significantly. That means there are probably several more Republicans will vote against the TPA on Friday who voted against this rule. These include representatives Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), Ryan Zinke (R-MT), Steve Russell (R-OK), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Lou Barletta (R-PA), Robert Aderholt (R-AL), Michael Burgess (R-TX), Doug Collins (R-GA), John Duncan (R-TN), Tom MacArthur (R-NJ), John Katko (R-NY), Dana Rohrabacher ( R-CA), Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Don Young (R-AK) and many more.
Given that eight Democrats voted for it, (left sources say there may be only 17 Democrats willing to vote for it and it is unclear whether Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), will be able to offer anything more than that), there is a possibility thatObamatrade can not pass the full House on Friday, which will certainly be enough disputed.
Remains to be seen what will happen next, but an aide to a House Republican to publicly undecided, who voted in favor of the rule, but is unlikely to supportObamatrade in the final vote, told Breitbart News that if the pressure External by voters and conservative media continues until the final vote, most likely Obamatradedie in plenary on Friday.
"My feeling is the same [to be fighting everywhere around this agreement]," the aide said. "They will not stop until they have the votes. Actually, this is the fault of Barack Obama. It has never been good at politics or exercising leadership, so that the root of their failure is in him and in the last six years of his presidency. "
In fact, the consultant noted that there are a lot of Republicans in the House who plan to vote no Obamatrade when it reaches the House floor on Friday, even though they have not taken sides on the matter at this time. The pressure has been high while the leadership has lobbied hard, but if Friday is not approved is difficult to see the leadership of the Republican Party succeeding in its revival after I die, if that's what happens.
It is true that there was a struggle, but little: Obamatrade was dramatically defeated by 126 to 302. Obama is sooo pissed ... And we are very happy! Although we might be happier if Cruz had not blundered in this matter. Finally, we trust that knows rectify and still our favorite.