Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Updated:Doug Mataconis:"Reason Why GOP Dying" Finally Succumbs To Palin Derangement

Doug Mataconis of  Libertarian site "Outside The Beltway" has finally succumbed (the R.I.P. refers of course not to any corporeal demise-I wish him a long life so over time he might reflect on his foolishness-but to the demise of whatever shred of reputation has still possessed) to his Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS In-Extremis) and has clearly let his disease cloud what was left of whatever active brain cells he still possessed.

This brain atrophy has been going on for some years and is a mystery to science and the average thinking person. Why someone who educated and a lawyer and who writes at a seemingly widely circulated (for the life of me why it is, is another unfathomable mystery)  Blog should be so obsessed with Palin is difficult to understand.

What threat an ex-governor who has not held office since 2009 is to Mataconis and his Libertarian voting
preference is also a mystery. That her very presence should cause him to leave the room she is in-he wrote when she spoke at CPAC one year "I'll be back at the bar" is genuinely weird. But that was just one in a seemingly endless series of snarky, immature, childish, foolish and just plain being an utter jerk series of comments and columns about her.

Perhaps it's one of those "hate the one you love" sexual attracted responses where the smitten tries to cover up secret guilt by overt hate?

Whatever the reason mad or bad or guilt Mataconis is at it again with a full column! dedicated to his obvious glee that Palin's Fox contract has not been renewed;

"Fox News Dumps Sarah Palin"

That Palin might have allowed this to happen, or rather did not try and renegotiate a contract because she is going to run is peremptorily dismissed in typical Mataconis PDS fashion ". There’s been next to nobody speculating about whether she might run for President in 2016, which of course she will not do"

That she has not appeared on Fox except for one brief time with Hannity since January and that she has just changed her Facebook page to a more combative one might be the subject of some analysis by a genuine commentator but it seems Mataconis is content with childish snark. If she does run he will look even more foolish for having, because of utter willful blindness, having missed the signals-if that is what they are.

But where Mataconis really goes off the rails with this preposterous statement:

"Sarah Palin is far from the political force she was four years ago, and barely registered in the 2014 midterms."

Here's extracts from  my column from just after the final 2014 mid-terms;

Final Midterms Tally After 3 More Of Gov.Palin's Endorsed Candidates Win In Louisiana; 21 Winners From 23 Endorsed

Hillary helped 24 Dem candidates this election; 14 lost. Sarah Palin helped 22 & 20 of those won.
Leftists, with their "Palin is irrelevant"meme utterly exploded as she, one by one fills up the senate especially with her endorsed candidates (Ayotte/Cruz Fischer etc etc) "

Not only was her endorsement record spectacular but in the case of Ernst, Sasse and Roberts her support was crucial just as it has been in the past to Cruz, Nikki Hayley, Ayotte etc etc. 'American Thinker' named Palin
"Achiever of the Year  in major part because of her endorsement success. That Mataconis could willfully ignore the obvious (and the fact that The Smithsonian named her in the "100 Most significant Americans of All Time" list-something that will never happen to Mataconis) says all that needs to be said about the effects of PDS In-Extremis-what a sad man.

Update: A comment:
 "Mataconis is the only DC Establishment lizard I know that still insists on calling himself a libertarian. People like Doug are part of the reason the GOP is dying : the Party Establishment can't stand its rank and file."