EverywhereAt least in Alaska, heh, heh, heh. Here, children still have a month of classes, but there in the far north, have been completed and are very happy. Ah, what memories! What I liked also the end of the course!Well, the Palin children, there are still two that have to be seen in that attitude: Piper and Trig. Of the two, Trig is that it has easier (relatively) because theirs is the nursery and has not yet started primary school. Piper, meanwhile, has finished the middle school and is about to enter high school ,they are the last years of secondary education. Both seem to be applied and students who have taken the course so I'm sure they will spend a great summer, as they deserve.
This is the note of Sarah realizing the happy event:
Celebrating the last day of class! What a great day! New chapters of life, always open.
Piper, Piper, Piper! Really wears pink hair?
This is Sarah's niece, McKinley; I think it is the same age as Piper.
See if you guess what the question that made me more times in recent months. I give you three options: A) Bob, handsome, take me to dinner on Saturday night ?; B) Bob, handsome, will you marry me ?; and C) Bob, gorgeous, Sarah will be presented to the primary or not? Yes, I know it is very difficult, but I'm sure you will have no doubt that the correct answer is B ... say the C! (Which I would like to be the B, buaaaa!). For my part, my answer is always the same: No, gorgeous, will not be present. The result: without dinner, and a wedding without reading spoilers least, sniff, sniff.
To confirm that it will certainly not present, I leave here a fragment of an interview with him recently where he was asked his opinion on all those Republicans who have already made official his candidacy. Here is the video and the translation of his words:
INTERVIEWER : I know it's a long way, but I have to ask you. There are plenty of people who have already put their name on the presidential race. Does anyone make you ding right now?
SARAH PALIN : Well, I'm very grateful to the enlightened conservatives who love love our Constitution and our military. That the bench is so broad, I'm grateful for that. Do not be surprised if you still see a few names more ... on the side of constitutional conservatives, making the leap and offering themselves in service name.
I think each one so far, in addition to those who come, will be able to give Hillary a tough job. Because now more than ever is the time to do this not for ourselves, but for the country. Be willing to serve, to sacrifice, to do everything possible to pull ahead.Make every effort to defend our freedom. And defend, promote, uphold the Constitution. There will be a handful of people that fit that project.
INTERVIEWER : And what about you?
SARAH PALIN : Well, we'll see what happens ... Todd? [Sarah looks at Todd] ... the next year or so. We'll see. So far I am happy that there are those who are willing to step forward because, well, it's a big commitment, do not you, Todd? [Sarah looks back to Todd], with family, with time, with the resources. So, we are grateful that so far there are some good people out there.
My own personal interpretation. Sarah is increasingly good talking Politiques that of Amando de Miguel, heh, heh, heh. Next year is not the time to launch a bid. If you have any intention of doing such a thing, it is beginning to be this time. At best, it could wait until early September. As much, until early October. But I have no evidence that Sarah has given the slightest step in that direction; I remember pending review their accounts SarahPAC the second quarter. I have already told you a hundred vecees and I'll repeat: an election campaign in the United States is not about a handful of friends and home printer for posters. It involves a lot of organization, much qualified and an awful lot of money available at the time and throughout the election campaign. Precisely the stage where the other candidates have already declared, creating a reliable infrastructure, ensuring public and private support and accumulating money. One does not get up on 1 October and decided to announce his candidacy and put an ad in the newspaper asking pollsters, strategists and organizers. This is done much earlier and Sarah is certainly not for the work. No, Sarah will not be present. Besides, what she could bring to the campaign that does not provide as Ted Cruz? No, Sarah will have a role later, do not know if as a candidate for vice president or as a member of the cabinet, but in regard to his candidacy, they dismiss that idea.
Yes, I know I'm a killjoy too, but if there is one thing I have learned after many years following Sarah everywhere is that it need not be the center of attention to be happy and it's true when you say that she is so happy taking care of home and family. Sarah has no trauma had not been elected vice president in 2008; He regrets the missed opportunity, but not for herself but for what it has been assumed the presidency of Obama for America and the world. But she also pirra by fuck the red, did not publicly rule out his candidacy only to have worried. And that will be until finally take sides for a candidate, I hope that is Ted Cruz.
A photo of Sarah referred to Memorial Day , Remembrance Day:
Memorial Day
Remembrance Day. Just in case you thought I was the National Day barbecue.
And a note of support in relation to this very day:
Here's a worthwhile cause to contribute to cost nothing except your energy! This effort encourages runners and walkers to wear something blue and devote the kilometers you scroll through Memorial Day to the best of the United States who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. The "Blue Dress, Run to Remember" event was initiated by the widow of a fallen as a way to pay tribute to her husband and all our fallen, our military on active duty soldier heroes and their families. God bless you for your sacrifices! Please visit the event website to see how you can be part of it:
And finally, one of his video of Sarah Palin Channel. Just a question that I really wanted to try: the Second Amendment. What would that be legalized in Spain gun ownership?Because criminals would have it very black and decent citizens would have the chance to finally sleep peacefully. Because, when a criminal has exhausted its weapons only because there is legal possession?
"Weapon-free" is not the same as "crime-free"
Do liberals believe that threats to personal safety simply disappear once a student enters a college campus? Take into account these "gun-free" zones. An area "free of weapons" is not a "crime-free" zone. In fact, an area "free of weapons" is an invitation to crime. And that puts many women at risk as assaults on young women on college campuses appear to be increasing.
Let me you put a face to this tragedy. There is a young college student in Reno (Nevada). Her name is Amanda Collins. She had a legal permit to carry a concealed weapon, but was not allowed to carry on campus. Well, Amanda was raped by a man with a gun illegally on campus.
A violators do not mind violating restrictions on gun-free zones. They ignore those signals. Amanda was less than ten meters from the campus police station when the attacker approached him. This guy put a gun to his head. He pulled the pin and said he would kill her if she screamed. The man raped other women more. The man killed his third victim.
Tell me, contrary to the Second Amendment people. Why you left Amanda and those other defenseless women?
Finally, a story about the Republican primary. As I just learned, the first televised debate will take place on August 6 in Cleveland. It will be on Fox News and it can only be accessed by candidates who formalized his candidacy and that are in the top ten in half of the five most recently published surveys of national opinion. If there were a tie, the presence of more than ten would be allowed, but the intention of Fox News to limit the number to ten.
There are also rumors that given the huge number of candidates who can present two types of discussions could be held, one "first" with the best placed candidates; and a "second" with the rest. This seems to be the prevailing idea on CNN, which plans another debate in September.
Apparently, there will be a total of 12 televised debates between August 2015 and March 2016, which is a lot, but also serve to hold off the more quickly and leave behind so the primary start in January 2016 with a staff of Affordable minimally candidates: over six would be a problem so much to disperse the vote.
Anyway, I am complaining about how quiet they are the months when there is so little about what to report. Ha ha ha, wait until September comes and see how I miss the wheels so much I get to work! If I am well; if I grunted something, I am not happy.