Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Immoral Minority Cowards

A bunch of the alleged humans at the site for the insane "Immoral Minority" came trotting over here after their extremely nutty leader  posted yet another Palin hate piece.

As is the case with utter cowards they post anonymously (and as with the major nut case from West Chester Pa. email using fake G-mail a'c's), hate on Palin's appearance without ever showing theirs as they are obviously grossly disfigured, overweight and hideous as their inner torment is reflected in their outer disfigurement.

They came up with all sorts of weird and crazy theories about me e.g I am not an American (I am)/I am "lonely" (my wife and three sons would disagree)/ I am not using my real name (they are bonkers)/that is not my photo (I think I would choose a better looking fake photo but that wouldn't occur to the idiots) and other absurdities. 

When I ran proof including newspaper articles about me and my charity Ambassadorial work they ran away as cowards do without admitting they were wrong. People who believe, as they do, that Palin has a number of "Trigs" (all with different "ruffled ears" which she keeps hidden and trots out from time to time as she needs to and then murders  (yes they actually believe this) are clinically insane.

There are some really sad people in this world but the utter dregs are found at that blog.