Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gov.Palin In Texas 12/02/15-All Media Reports/Pics #2 Ben Shepperd Distinguished Lecture Series

Here is some video of Sarah talking with media+ video of other people talking about Sarah.

"In tough times you don't Reload" loving this talk by in Midland,TX!!


Vegetarian is an Eskimo word for can't hit what you shoot..."

Sarah Palin was awesome tonight at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center in Midland,Texas. Her theme was on women in leadership , and she hit the nail squarely on the head when she said that the problems we are seeing in this country are the direct result of the complacency of "We the People".
In a classic case of media condescension and meme following the Midland Reporter-Telegram (whose writer hides behind anonymity) descends to utter bitchy snark about a speech that hasn't been made. Wails if only someone else was making the address-but, if we have to have Palin lets hope we can keep awake.

What a jerk

"Our View: Let’s hope Palin lives up to the hype"

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Our View: Let’s hope Palin lives up to the hype - Opinion 
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speaks tonight on greeted her w 30-sec standing ovation
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On way to fifty shades and noticed Sarah Palin giving a talk about Mavericks and going rogue. Glad I changed
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From US for Palin Ron Devito LINK Lots more imagery and Tweets at the site-rush right over

Trailblazers – Women Smash Glass Ceilings: Sarah Palin

Trailblazers – Women Smash Glass Ceilings

Leaders are trailblazers. All of us have to take action, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said tonight in a packed auditorium at the University of Texas. Leaders have to inform we the people of the truth, so we can discern the best thing to do. We get what we tolerate.
Trailblazers - Women Smash Glass Ceilings: Sarah Palin