Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gov.Palin In Texas 12/02/15-All Media Reports #1 NAPE Summit/Breakfast

WSSW oil & gas team members meet trailblazer at (cl) in Houston.
How about a selfie with Sarah Palin

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On way to fifty shades and noticed Sarah Palin giving a talk about Mavericks and going rogue. Glad I changed plans

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Jordan Blum at "Houston Business Journal" runs three pages on Governor Palin's address.What relevance her getting up in the morning has to anything is in the mind of the writer.What is inescapable was the approving reception and conclusion to her address she received. Apart from that a pretty much verbatim report

"Former Gov. Palin talks oil prices, what she can see from her house"

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was up early Feb. 12 to headline the 2015 NAPE Summit's 6:30 a.m. Decision Maker's Breakfast in Houston as she continues her will she/won't she run for president in 2016 tour.
Palin spoke at what was described to her as a "very friendly audience" of energy execs and others.
Here's a sampling of her quips and comments during her Houston visit:
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Palin is so "irrelevant" to media that Forbes   dashed off 5 pages commencing with "She was greeted with a standing ovation" Impossible even so for author to
not include snarky remarks interspersed with his need to report every word she said as fast as his flying fingers could write" No recording devices allowed, but I type pretty fast." 
Classic media bubble-arrogant elite versus flyover country.
Pompous condescension Excerpt:

"Sarah Palin's Message Of Love To American Oil And Gas"

HOUSTON – Sarah Palin preached to the choir this morning at the North American Prospect Expo. She was greeted with a standing ovation by a crowd of hundreds oil and gas industry types, and she left with an ovation too, declaring, “It’s always a pleasure to be back in Alaska’s sister state Texas.”
In her own unique way, Palin told the crowd (part of the 15,000 attendees expected at NAPE this week) what they wanted to hear: oil and gas is the lifeblood of America. Keystone XL is a no-brainer. The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge should be opened to drilling. President Obama just doesn't get it.
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'Raw Story' expands on the Forbes Helman blather but without the snark so much. To gin up clicks/eyeballs they lead with the "caribou" comment to get the PETA types in a lather

Sarah Palin: "Dying caribou have to ‘take one for the team’ so we can expand oil


"But she said that President Barack Obama was making that difficult with EPA regulations and by refusing to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.
“The punative aspect of it is to really stick it to the American people,” Palin insisted.
She argued that the president “is not for American energy independence” because he refused to expand drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).
“All we need to explore and develop ANWR is a 2,000 acre swath. Alaska is 400 million acres when you consider our water and land. A postage stamp in the middle of a football field. That’s all the land we need to develop.”
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To balance all the elite media's garbage US for Palin compiled this report;   LINK

Drill Baby Drill NAPE

Drill Baby Drill! That was former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s takeaway from her speech delivered at the NAPE Expo this morning.
She said Obama has all but shut down drilling and has blocked the Keystone XL Pipeline to please his enviro wacko base. She said we should support the pipeline, fracking and Drill Baby Drill. She said states should decide on cap and tax and the industry needs to push back on the EPA. She also said the industry needs to more aggressively market its successes.
NAPE is the oil and gas industry’s marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of prospects and for producing properties.
With a number of tweets e.g.
Q: 3 biggest threats to US security. A: ISIS terror groups, young people losing sense of Amer exceptionalism, losing appr for our military
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