Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gov.Palin CPAC 2015 Pt3. Pictures/Tweets/Media/Full Speech Video

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Yup looks Like Byron Dork & Charles W. KOOK were correct, Conservative finished with Palin >>>>

Video: Governor Sarah Palin Reprises Her Command-in-Chief Role, Honors Veterans at CPAC2015

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      .: “They say you can’t kill your way out of war? Tell that to the Nazis. Oh wait … we killed them.”
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      Sarah Palin: “We are in a long term civilizational struggle against forces of evil"

At CPAC, Sarah Palin delivers 'eloquent,' focused speech on veterans' issues

Sarah Palin Dings Obama on Nazis, Christians and Blaming the Victim - Bloomberg: Sarah Palin Dings Obama on Na...
"We will never submit to evil. We will consign radical Islam to the ash-heap of history." Palin 2016
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