Thursday, February 26, 2015

Governor Palin At CPAC 2015; Pt.2 Photo's/Tweets/Media

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Hey , you made the 20 hour bus ride from Minnesota worth it to hear you speak tonight.

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin takes the main stage at

say none have done more than this generation for the war against terror.

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PHOTO: and The Statue of Liberty. I see the resemblance!
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Wonderful to finally see at speaking about our veterans.

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There she is. !

  1. We demand that the Vets are first in line for gov't medical benefits - at
  2. Sarah Palin gets standing O for demanding Vets are first in line to healthcare instead of illegals. -ed
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I'm impressed Sarah Palin is speaking about vets & at God Bless her i

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Say what you will about - She cares about the military & is fighting for them.

"Instead of allowing illegal immigrants to push to the front of the line, our vets should be first in line"

  1. Gov Sarah Palin: “Only in is jihad in retreat.”
  2. "It's our duty to elect an honorable Commander in Chief."

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  1. knocking it out of the park.

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Governor Sarah Palin speaking out for American war veterans. What a start to !

"Aside from God Almighty what is only thing standing between us & those who behead babies & burn people alive?"

  1. "The only thing standing between us and savages is the red, white and blue, the United States military." -
  2. "The consequences of weakness, it's defeat and retreat"- Sarah Palin
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