Sunday, February 15, 2015

All In One Place; Pic's and Videos Governor Palin At SNL 2015
Sarah Palin to Hecklers Outside SNL40: ‘Get a Job!’
TMZ’s cameras were rolling as Sarah Palin was on her way out of 30 Rock following the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary show, and the former Alaska governor took some shots at hecklers who commented on everything from her politics to what she was wearing.
“Can you pose for a photo because I have Obamacare expenses?” one said to her.
“Are you in show business? Then don’t be jealous, boy,” Palin responded to one of the hecklers. “Hey, when you get a job, you can talk to me.”
Others responded to that remark — asking what her job is — with one heckler bringing up her position as a Fox News contributor.
And on her potential entry into the 2016 presidential race, one said: “Good luck in Iowa, Sarah! No one’s gonna vote for you.”
"Two legends meet, Sarah Palin and Eddie Murphy"
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Sarah Palin announced her running mate for a presidential run on the SNL 40th Anniversary!

Sarah Palin made an appearance on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary show and did pretty well. Though I don’t think people are going to like who she’s considering for VP for her presidential campaign….

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Sarah Palin puts on leggy display in DAUGHTER'S four-year-old dress for Saturday Night Live as she pokes fun at her own political career

  • Former governor of Alaska arrived at Studio 8H in Bristol Palin's dress
  • Told Matt Lauer her time on SNL was the best part of 2008 campaign
  • She joked in a skit that she could run again to give SNL new material

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And Video ;"Sarah Palin announced her running mate for a presidential run on the SNL 40th Anniversary!

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‘Hell has frozen over:’ Sarah Palin and Al Sharpton together on SNL’s red carpet

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Sarah Palin’s outfit on ‘SNL’ 40th Anniversary show sparks criticism on social media

The former governor of Alaska showed off lots of skin during the three hour special causing many to take to Twitter about her clothing choice.


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Sarah Palin and Alec Baldwin together on the #SNL40RedCarpet [Vine, pics]

Full video on red carpet interview at LINK

Twitchy has some video of Sarah with Alec Baldwin. "

Sarah Palin Shows Some Skin in Short Dress at 'SNL 40'

Sarah Palin shows off some skin in a short white dress on the red carpet at the SNL 40th Anniversary Celebrationheld at Rockefeller Plaza on Sunday (February 15) in New York City.
The 51-year-old former Governor of Alaska appeared on the late night variety show back in 2008 during her vice presidential run.
“It was great, it was like gosh, you have got to have a sense of humor,” Sarahsaid on the red carpet about her cameo. “It’s not like the persona that maybe is portrayed or characterized for you out there. So, yeah, and this is, an iconic moment, this is, the most, I think intelligent, and entertaining comedic minds in America all in one place.”

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Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen is really unhappy #SNL40 invited Sarah Palin

LOL;" You guys. I just interviewed Sarah Palin. Literally dying."