Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fair And Balanced Media Articles On Governor Palin In Iowa

Amongst all the gross dross e.g. Politico 25 paragraphs trashing Gov.Palin in Iowa.Where does abject bias get submerged under real journalism? Not with him;

there were actually some fair and balanced articles on Governor Palin at The Iowa Freedom Summit and her announcement that she was interested in running for president in 2016

Kudos to these real journalists:

LLoyd Marcus at American Thinker;

Sarah Palin Too Toxic for 2016?  LINK

Despite the Left's best efforts to humiliate and destroy her, Palin has hung tough, remaining faithful to the mission of the Tea Party; the preservation of our freedom, liberty and culture -- traditional conservative principles and values; God, family and country.
And yet, there are those on our side who suggest that we kick Palin to the curb because she has become “too toxic.”
The field for 2016 is pretty crowded. I am not ready to select a candidate. However, if Palin throws her bonnet into the ring, my heart is with her 100%. We need a hero.


"Sarah Palin pumps up the crowd at Freedom Summit"

A fair and balanced Palin article by (stunningly beautiful btw) @AdrianaCohen16 at Boston Herald (Palin)perfect foil to take on Hillary Clinton" …
Boston Herald
Boston Herald:"Analysts say Palin has chops for race
Ex-gov has star power, fundraising prowess" …
Sarah Palin appearance at Freedom Summit was a total crowd-pleaser: FULL SPEECH
A rare and mostly positive report;
"Sarah Palin rocks Iowa in full force" …