Friday, December 12, 2014

Twitchy Highlights My Tweet About Lib's Falling For "Daily Currant Palin Spoof's

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"Epic fail in progress, cont.: More morons falling for a different fake Sarah Palin story on immigration"

Twitchy reported in November on a number of Tweeters who fell for a satirical news story in The Daily Currant on Sarah Palin wanting to deport illegal immigrants to Mexico on a boat, and it looks like it happened again.
A new fake story posted by the Currant alleges Palin thinks the solution to the immigration crisis lies in converting Mexicans to Christianity:

n excerpt from her made-up interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity:
“Sean, you’re embarrassing yourself by saying that Mexicans worship Christ,” she responded. “Every time I see a Mexican praying they’re saying ‘Hey Zeus!’ I hate to break it to you, but Zeus is not a Christian god.”
And here is some of the anger directed at the former governor (and “dumbest human”) from folks not bright enough to figure out the story they’re reading isn’t real:

It’s really at the point where the funniest thing about the fake Daily Currant stories is reading the tweets from all the people who get fooled. Wise up!