Saturday, December 6, 2014

UPDATE:Final Midterms Tally After 3 More Of Gov.Palin's Endorsed Candidates Win In Louisiana; 21 Winners From 23 Endorsed


Hillary helped 24 Dem candidates this election; 14 lost. Sarah Palin helped 22 & 20 of those won.

Brown lost for Governor despite strong support of the state’s Dem establishment & visits to Maryland by Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill &Hillary Clinton.
President Obama has lost nearly 70 seats in the House since taking office more seats in midterm elections than any president since Truman

Leftists,with their "Palin is irrelevant"meme utterly exploded as she, one by one fills up the senate especially with her endorsed candidates (Ayotte/Cruz Fischer etc etc) now try and attack the SuperPac which donates on her behalf. "Millions flood in but Palin only donates small amounts and keeps the rest for herself and other such nonsense (The mad blog "Wonkette's staff are particularity adept at that stupidity).

What they don't advise is that the Pac is limited ot $5,000 per donation.That amount, whilst of value, pales compared to the greatest value which is the fact of Palin's endorsement and of course her time in active support. Fischer, Ayotte, Haley, Cruz to name a few all owe their elections to Palin's endorsement. Here below are her latest and most impressive success rate wise, endorsements.
Governor Palin's Endorsed Winners

Senators (5)

Tim Scott South Carolina 
Joni Ernst Iowa
Ben Sasse Nebraska 
Pat Roberts Kansas Sarah Palin Boosts Sen Roberts at a critical point Rep. Pompeo said on Mama Grizzly Radio.
Bill Cassidy Louisiana

Governors (4)

Pete Ricketts Nebraska 
Doug Ducey Arizona,
Greg Abbott Texas 
Bill Walker Alaska (Independent)

Lt.Governor (1)

Byron Mallott Alaska (Dem LINK )

Congressman (7)

Barry Loudermilk Georgia
Elise Stefinak New York 
Tom Emmer Minnesota  
Mia Love Utah 
Dave Brat Virginia
Ralph Abraham Louisiana
Garret Graves Lousiana
"In the 6th District, vote Garret Graves for U.S. Congress -http://www.garretgravesforcong...
In the 5th District, vote Dr. Ralph Abraham for U.S. Congress -
Thank you! God bless your great state".
- Sarah Palin

Attorney's General (4)

Mark Brnovich Arizona
Adam Laxalt Nevada 
Leslie Rutledge Arkansas
Ken Paxton Texas