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(American Thinker Journal) American Achiever Of The Year 2014-Sarah Palin

UPDATE;The Examiner covers this article with :"American Thinker proves why Sarah Palin is the most powerful female politician"

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It would be the height of churlishness, surely, for even the most inveterate leftist to deny the import of someone who made Time Magazines "100 Most Influential People list, and then The Smithsonian Institute's "100 Most Significant Americans Of All Time" list. That, no doubt through gritted teeth, affirmation would be related to Former Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

To then  accept Governor Palin as "American Achiever of the Year 2014" would be for most, if not all on the left. and many in the MSM (and to be fair to many in the GOP) would no doubt be a bridge too far. However, such partisanship should not stand the way of  a general acknowledgement of what was a remarkable year for Palin.

Palin achieved what such luminaries as President Obama did not, a place in the Smithsonian's prestigious "Most Significant" List. After being written off by many in the media, and especially the left, as "irrelevant" and, predicted by MSNBC's Krystal Ball as "not going to have an effect on the (2014) mid-terms" Palin's record of success of her endorsed candidates was nothing short of phenomenal.

Governor Palin endorsed 22 candidates for various offices during the mid-terms finals including Senators, Governors, Lt.Governors, Congresspeople and Attorney's General. Of those so endorsed an incredible 20 were elected-contrasted with for example Hillary Clinton's record of 8 wins out 24 endorsed candidates.

Beyond the success of her endorsed candidates lies a much deeper reason for Palin being seen as "Achiever of the Year"-the fact that Palin endorsed in their respective primaries who then went on to win the general election battles. 

As in the past with,among others, Senators Ted Cruz, Kelly Ayotte and Deb Fischer and Governor Nikki Haley who owe their elections in their primary campaigns to Palin's endorsement at a critical juncture, so too could new senators Ben Sasse and Joni Ernst, and new Alaska Governor Bill Walker  (and remarkably, his Democrat Lt. Governor Byron Mallott) be considered to owe all or a substantial part of their nominations/elections to Palin's endorsement. 

For all her detractors cries of "irrelevance" and "she's just a reality show entertainer" ( those two being among the nicer epithets the left tosses at her Palin goes on, election cycle after election cycle populating Congress with her endorsed candidates in a cost-effective manner, and in such numbers, that the likes of Karl Rove with his 1% success result can surely only view with hidden admiration if not downright envy.

Apart from Palin's successes on the political front she also had solid achievements in her media career.

Palin launched  "Palin TV" (The Sarah Palin Channel) as a pay for view subscription service in July. The launch was ridiculed by Washington Post's Dana Milbank who advised that "This comedy channel won't last as long as even Palin's Alaska series." 

As with often the case with MSM ridicule it comes back to haunt the purveyor of such arrogance-Palin TV has currently lasted three times as long as her Alaska TV series run. Palin's second series of "Amazing America" which first season The Sportsman Channel spokesman said has done outstandingly well has finished production and will air mid-January

In what is perhaps the most interesting aspect of Palin year of achievement is one that has been achieved not through any current overt acts by her but rather the march of history lifting her to new heights. 

In instance after instance where Palin was ridiculed for a straightforward statement e.g. "death panels" or the true history of Paul Revere her most strident critics have agreed, in whole or part, with her views,but 2014 saw the most impressive of this historical revisionism.

After Russian President Putin invaded the Ukraine and annexed the Crimea video surfaced of Governor Palin's 2008 speech where she predicted exactly that occurrence should then presidential candidate Barack Obama be elected.Palin sounded a deserved note of triumphalism in March:

"Yes, I could see this one from Alaska," Palin posted on Facebook, saying she said "told-ya-so" in the case of her "accurate prediction being derided as 'an extremely far-fetched scenario' by the 'high-brow' Foreign Policy magazine. 

"Here’s what this 'stupid' 'insipid woman' predicted back in 2008," Palin said. "After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama's reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia's Putin to invade Ukraine next."
Palin's post has been shared by more than 16,000 Facebook users and "liked" by more than 70,000."

Not only for her achievements, the wheel of history turning in her favor, but also for her survival skills against all the odds and a ferocious media to where, at years end her personal "7 key policies"  are being presented as an adjunct to her possibly being a presidential candidate in 2016, Governor Palin is deservedly the "American Achiever of The Year 2014"

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