Saturday, November 15, 2014

Part 2TV News Video:Photo's And Comments:Gov.Palin At Unity Rally For Cassidy In Monroe Louisiana

KNOE 8 News; KNOE-TV; | MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News)- The run off election is on December 6th. To help get the word out and get people to the polls, Sarah Palin joined senate hopeful Bill Cassidy, congressional candidate Ralph Abraham, and many others at a unity rally this afternoon in Monroe. Democrats, republicans and independents galore. Politics in the nation are heating up as the December 6th run off approaches. To get the word out and stress the importance of getting out to vote, representative Bill Cassidy hosted a unity rally to speak to the voters directly about a range of topic like Obamacare and gun rights. "We don't beat the most powerful man in the world and the senator that supports him 97 percent of the time without you," Cassidy said. There were a couple familiar faces speaking at the podium as well. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Monroe's own Phil Robertson all had something to say to the voters. "Your first president for crying out loud. Was he a religious fanatic too? How about this? Pray in front of the second continental congress George Washington. Listen. 'Bless my family," Robertson said, quoting Washington. "He is praying to God almighty in front of the continental congress... I wonder what the politicians would sound like if they got up and prayed more." Palin also stressed the importance of protecting gun rights, and tried to rally the crowd as much as she could. "You're not just wingers and clingers around here. I think you're proudly clinging to our God, your guns and our constitution," Palin said. After the rally, after pushing through the crowd, we got to hear what Palin thinks of northeast Louisiana. "Feeling great, because I'm in a great state with these wonderful people. These smart people," Palin said while greeting Cassidy supporters. They came, they spoke and voters will decide when they hit the polls on December 6th. Throughout the rally, they stressed the race is not over and not to assume the race has been won. Of course, voters will make the final decision. #TCOT

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I did not know that long sleeve shirts and sweaters with their shoulders cut out were a thing this season, but they are. And wow, America.
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