Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Governor Palin In Williston North Dakota 10/13 Commentary TV & Print Reports

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Crowd lined up into the street to see Gov.Palin tonight (but she's "diminished") @costareports
  Palin Makes an Appearance in Williston KQCD News KQCD.COM - Dickinson, ND - News, Weather, Sports Religion, and her experiences with the oil and gas industry, were the focus of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's remarks in Williston tonight. Over a thousand people packed the Trinity Christian School to listen to the speech from the 2008 candidate for vice president. Palin spoke about coming to North Dakota and the importance of oil in the region. "(Former) Governor Palin is an oil field person as well," says Doug Black of the Trinity Christian School. "And, in fact, her husband Todd was involved in the oil field. And we wanted this to be an oil field theme. Plus, we know that she believes in Christian education, so the two were a great match for Trinity Christian School and the Bakken." Black says Trinity Christian School wants to bring big names to Williston more often.

WILLISTON, North Dakota — North Dakota embodies the "drill, baby, drill" mantra more than anywhere else and the state shares a kinship with Alaska, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said. Palin made the remarks at a fundraising banquet for Williston, North Dakota's Trinity Christian School at Williston State College Monday night. "Drill, baby, drill" refers to the slogan Palin popularized during her 2008 run for the vice presidency and encourages the tapping of domestic oil and gas reservoirs. "Our states share a pioneering spirit," she told the crowd of several hundred, adding that the two states were also bonded by oil.

"You feed America and you fuel America, North Dakota." She added: "The American dream is certainly alive and well here and we need that again, North Dakota." Palin was joined at the fundraiser by evangelical historian David Barton. His speech largely looked at the detrimental effect the removal of the bible from public schools has had on education and society. Citing contractual issues, event organizers only allowed The Associated Press and other media organizations present to attend several minutes of Palin's speech. Palin Makes an Appearance in Williston WKQCD TV (tiny N.Dakota town and 1000 show up-standing room only Panzer Leader ‏@ArmorCavSpin The is called real star power, Sarah is just like Reagan in so many ways - she is the ONLY way to defeat Hillary in '16 Palin Inspires Me ‏@PalinInspiresMe Very impressive @SarahPalinUSA 1,000 people , standing room only in a state with only 672,000 people. #PalinPower