Friday, September 5, 2014

2 Video's +Photo's Media Report Comments Of Gov.Palin At The Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation

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Former Alaska Gov. and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will speak at a charity gala event to benefit the Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation at WoodsEdge Community Church near The Woodlands at 6 tonight.

The Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation is a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families deal with post-traumatic stress disorder and readjust to life after combat.

LikeA trip to see Sarah
I arrived a little early and found the person I needed to find. I can tell you I had butterflies dive-bombing in my stomach. In a few minutes I would see the lady who lives under the great North Star - the lady we call, "Sarah."
Everyone was dressed in their Sunday best. Many were waiting to meet Our Sarah. The people around me were so nice. They could not wait to meet her. For some, it was the first time. I was able to talk to some about Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement. Those with whom I spoke about SPEQ seemed very interested. Then, it was my turn.

I walked into the room. Sarah looked beautiful. She reached out her hand and we exchanged a few words. I hugged her. If you look at the picture, you can see Sarah is smiling. In her arms, I told her that over 35 people texted me and asked me to give her that hug. The 35 asked me to tell her they love her and they have her back. Sarah said to tell all of you, "Thank you and that she has your back".
Far too fast, my special moment was over. I was escorted into dinner by a nice looking Marine in full dress uniform. My seat was at table number four. My chair was turned so that I was dead-on in front of Sarah. No one was in front of me. I was in hog heaven.
Sarah's speech was wonderful. She was more than just a mom talking about her son. Although, she did that, she also encouraged others to step up and fight for those who have and are still fighting for our freedom.

Great meeting you tonight at the gala! "It is our duty to serve those who served us"

Truly amazing night at the Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation gala.
The Mighty Oaks Warrior Fdn is an incredible organization. As said no amount of pills or counselling can heal like Christ.
Christ Heals Better Than Pills, Counselling: Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin Hot Summer

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Was great to open at Mighty Oaks Foundation Gala w/. An honor to serve our military by sharing music
Montgomery Courier

Palin honors vets at gala for PTSD recovery program

Palin honors vets at gala for PTSD recovery program
Palin honors vets at gala for PTSD recovery program

Palin honors vets at gala for PTSD recovery program
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Posted: Friday, September 5, 2014 11:20 pm

THE WOODLANDS — Former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin shared her views on the Second Amendment, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria crisis and military issues, as well as cracked some jokes and told personal anecdotes at the Mighty Oaks 4th Annual Gala at WoodsEdge Community Church Friday night.

The gala, which drew about 400 guests, benefited the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, a faith-based, non-profit organization focused on helping veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder and adjust to life after combat.

The programs include six-day Post Traumatic Stress Reintegration Programs for men and women and a three-day marriage program that take place at Sky Rose Ranch in San Miguel, Calif.
President and Founder of Mighty Oaks Programs Chad Robichaux, who is a former resident of The Woodlands and a Marine Corps veteran, spoke about how much the programs have grown since they started in 2011.
“Four hundred and fifty warriors have come through our program, we’ve still had zero suicides from our warriors,” Robichaux said.
Although, he added, that with veterans commiting suicide at a rate of 23 a day and a post-combat divorce rate of 80 percent, “the fight’s not over.”
The Mighty Oaks Programs are the only faith-based recovery programs that the U.S. military is ordering veterans to, according to Robichaux.
He emphasized the importance of the program’s faith-centered approach to helping those suffering from PTSD heal.
“Our strength is in that we are a faith-based program,” Robichaux said. “This was a calling that God put on my heart to help guys who went through what I went through.”
Robichaux also announced that he, along with Serving California, Mighty Oaks’ mother organization, have been working with Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the U.S. Marine who has been held in prison in Mexico for entering the country in possession of firearms.
Phil Dunn, president of Serving California, is an attorney and has taken over the case for the Marine’s defense.
“He never intended to bring firearms into Mexico,” Dunn said. “He just asked if he could turn around.”
“Now he has a legal chance,” Robichaux said.
Dunn called on President Barack Obama to become more personally involved in Tahmooressi’s case and the attendees of the gala joined hands in prayer for his release.
When introducing Palin, Robichaux said that he did not ask her to come speak as a political figure.
“She’s coming here as an American who loves her warriors and as a mom of a warrior,” he said.
When she took the stage, Palin started off by saying how glad she was to be in Texas and remembering the time she spent in the state during her summers in high school.
“I’m gonna spare you guys all my Texas jokes, especially because I’m in church,” Palin said.
She talked about her son, Track, an army veteran who served in Iraq, and his experience with the Mighty Oaks Programs.
“He was enamored,” Palin said.
“At this time in such a tumultuous world, we need our returning warriors to be strong, we need them to be healthy,” she said. “They need to win these battles too, the battles that are at home.”
Palin went on the reminisce about the time when she went into labor with her youngest son, Trig, while in Texas and flew back to Alaska before he was born.
The former governor touched on some political issues, including commenting on the violence in the Middle East and the president’s lack of response, global warming and Second Amendment rights.
“One more thing Alaskans and Texans have in common,” Palin said. “I know I’m amongst a bunch of people clinging to their guns, their God and their Constitution.”

What an honor it was tonight to speak at a fundraiser in Houston for the unique and wonderful organization called Mighty Oaks. Under Chad Robichaux's leadership, this strong, experienced military team helps our vets overcome PTSD. The work they do for our wounded warriors is so crucial. It’s the sincere heartfelt work that only private non-profits can really tackle. As a faith-based group, Mighty Oaks uses a Christ-centered approach to helping our vets heal, and their many success stories are incredibly inspiring. The number of vets struggling with PTSD is truly staggering. It’s our duty as a grateful nation to do everything we can to help our warriors who sacrificed so much to ensure our liberty. Mighty Oaks helps our men and woman regain the freedom in their own lives that they fought to defend. We can’t wait for politicians to tackle this. Every American who loves their freedom can step up and give our vets the love and support they deserve.
If you’d like to contribute or know of a vet who needs help, please visit the Mighty Oaks website at:
God bless these wonderful patriots and God bless our brave vets!
- Sarah Palin