Friday, September 26, 2014

Governor Palin in Joplin Missouri; A Media Compendium+

Life Choices 25th Anniversary

Lovely ABC Video report  LINK 


VIDEO: Governor Palin’s Press Conference in Joplin



Before It's News

LifeChoices Model to Follow: Sarah Palin

Video and overview LINK

WWL TV Print report

Sarah Palin coming to Louisiana to campaign for Maness LINK

Sarah Palin has such heart
This Sarah Palin pic will touch your heart. Praying over a young boy with special needs. God bless them both.

Joplin Globe;

"Sarah Palin shares experience having child with Down syndrome LINK

Thank you for sharing your heart and spirit tonight! Come back to Joplin, MO soon!!

Excited to've saw 2nite at MSSU! Had to face my fear of heights... & nose bleeds. top section Taylor Auditorium.

Thank you for coming to Joplin and speaking tonight. We were encouraged and blessed by your words!

Blury, but yes! On left is freaking Sarah Palin! My life has been made.