Saturday, August 2, 2014

Will Palin Run? Here's A Brilliant Analysis

"Hope4Palins at Conservatives4Palin website look sat the presidential possibilites for Governor Palin in an insighful and deeply resourced analysis:

I just watched the Q&A video on and I wasn't surprised by her answer to the question about her running for POTUS. If she were to definitively say today that she will or won't run for POTUS in '16 it would suck all of the oxygen out of the '14 elections, which are CRITICAL. Any kind of definitive answer to that question would take all of the attention away from where it needs to be and put it onto her, and that would be a tactical and strategic blunder. Sarah Palin rarely if ever makes either strategic or tactical blunders (i know that statement will infuriate the PDS folks but it is an objective fact).
A couple of days ago in a late-night reply to someone I pointed out this little historical story to help put things into perspective, from 52 years ago this Fall: Richard Nixon had the '60 election stolen from him and then got clobbered in the CA Gubernatorial election by Moonbeam's Dad in '62; in an infamous snarling press conference he announced his retirement from politics. ( his remarks actually begin about 49 seconds into the video) He spent the next few years as a corporate attorney, a full partner in a major law firm, argued a case before the Supreme Court (unsuccessfully) and made a lot of money. Six years after the disaster of that press conference he was President-elect of the United States.  When he retired from politics in '62, at the age of 49, he was only three years younger than Gov. Palin will be in 2016.
Politics is a world that is almost totally unpredicatable when it comes to individual futures. I want Gov. Palin to run in 2016; I wish we could amend the Constitution just for her so that she could serve four terms in a row. The first wish may or may not happen, the second of course is satirical fantasy. In 2028 Gov. Palin will be 64 years old, three years younger than Hillary Clinton is right now and five years younger than President Reagan was in 1980.
Anything is possible: Decisions/happenings which we will love or which will be bitter disappointments are going to happen over the course of the next decade and a half; Gov. Palin is nowhere near the peak development of her talents and abilities. Robert Bork was probably the most qualified person of his lifetime for the Supreme Court but never served there, a Statist victory which I still have problems accepting; it is possible that Gov. Palin either by choice or circumstance will not be POTUS and we need to recognize that possibility.
Imho this most recent (non)answer as to whether she will run in '16 or not, given just before the end of the '14 Primaries, really doesn't mean very much. If she decides not to run in '16 I will be very disappointed, but I will still continue to hope and to support her because of the length of time and circumstance ahead of her and us. In terms of her potential political achievements there is more time ahead than there is behind. Speaking only for myself, I intend to continue to follow the political career of this remarkably talented and able individual, whether or not it leads where I want it to go or when I want it to happen.
One final point: Governor Palin is a Master Strategist and Tactician; her strategic horizon is breathtakingly long. Section9 is absolutely correct to compare her intelligence and strategic thinking more to the best of Nixon than to Reagan (who was just as brilliant in his own way). Shallow thinkers like the PPC (Perino, Rove, et al) only think as far as the next election: Sarah Palin is a Master Strategist that is committed to a Cause rather than to her ambition; imho that is a concept utterly foreign to any of those people and so they react to her with nervous fear and contempt. That's their loss, but imo their Party is all but doomed anyway.
Did anybody else notice the wording in one of her latest FB postings where she described the GOP as the only/best vehicle of political opposition "at present"? I don't have the body of the quote literally correct, but those two words "at present" really jumped out at me. Gov. Palin always, always says what she means and means what she says except for the subject of her own political future (where she is as vague as mist). I'm going to be watching very closely over the next several months to see how that phrase is developed.
Take heart, everyone: We may be in for a bumpy ride as Constitutional Conservatives, but it sure does beat out the now-unstoppable "smooth as an oil slick" ride of the gopE to the Whig Cliffs. It's actually going to be kind of funny watching their squeaky little wagon disappear into political oblivion. One thing I'm certain of, by faith: The tissue of lies around her will at some point be ripped away, and she will be seen as the political Giant that she is, irregardless of whatever office she may or may not hold in the future.