Monday, February 10, 2014

Via US For Palin; Soldier: Gov. Palin Warm, Welcoming, Real

From US For Palin 

Ed. Note: Jamie Shoemaker met former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in Columbus, OH where she was signing copies of Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas. Her hug is prominently featured in two Facebook statuses Gov. Palin posted about that book tour stop.
As to the core question Shoemaker asks – yes, some leftists who were negatively predisposed to Gov. Palin have met her, and she changed their hearts.

Has anyone from the left ever met Sarah Palin? Do they know how real, how genuine she is? Do they realize that she reaches out to people? She inspires, she leads. Sarah has a persona about her that resonates with people. They love her. She’s warm, welcoming, kind and compassionate.
Your social status doesn’t matter to her. If you’re in her presence, you’re made to feel welcome.
When I met Sarah, she had this huge smile on her face and shook my hand. When I asked if I couldhug her, she said, “absolutely! Get over here!” I’ve never had someone of her stature be so warm and welcoming to me. While I was in uniform, it didn’t become a photo op. She didn’t have every camera around snap 30 pictures of us talking. It was just Sarah and me. It’s like no one existed around her. No one else has ever done that, that I’ve met.
For the left to say she is out of touch is a lie, and is wrong. She’s brilliant, beautiful, and strong. She’s everything this country needs. We need a leader who is willing to be among the people, be genuine with their concerns and do something to help them. Sarah has all those qualities, and I only sat with her for five minutes. That’s the Sarah I know: warm, welcoming, loving, kind, compassionate…real.
H/T Lynda Armstrong, Sarah Palin…The Teacher’s Daughter Facebook Group for story lead.