Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Governor Palin Reaches 4,000,000 Facebook "Likes"

From US4Palin
And from me; Palin4President 2016 hits 325,00 page views too :-)
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin today reached 4 million likes on her Facebook public figure page.
Sarah Palin established the page on August 29, 2008 when she was still a sitting governor in her home state of Alaska and she became John McCain’s running mate for that year’s Presidential election. Her first post after the campaign was to announce the formation of SarahPAC. Most significantly she predicted the existence of death panels in ObamaCare. Whether it was the BP gusherFast and FuriousNSA spyingBenghazi, endorsing candidates such as Lt. Col. Allen West,Ted Cruz, and Paul Gosar; or providing simple glimpses into her personal and family life, Sarah Palin’s Facebook page has been a principal means by which she brings her message to the mass market. The page has also served as a vehicle of communication between Gov. Palin and her supporters for the past five years.