Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wendy Davis Hasn't Walked Three Feet In Palin's Shoes.When She Has 5 Years Of Attacks She Can Complain

With the utter gall only the "progressive" left and "progressive feminists" (Sic) and their media/Blog enablers 
(See e.g. 

Attacks On Wendy Davis’ Life Story Follow Classic Sexist Playbook LINK

can spew they have begun a chorus of "poor Wendy Davis." Davis herself has hit out at the, perfectly reasonable and balanced examination of her back story with a rabid attack on her probable opponent, which turned out to be untrue in its charges, and one faux pas after another.

But the thrashing about of a politician caught in the headlights like Davis is nothing new, what is new is the heights, or absolute nadir rather of the utter hypocrisy of the lefts charges of Republican attacks on a woman, the vehemence of the comments about Wendy, the photo shopped images and supposed general venality.

From the moment Governor Palin was announced as John McCain's running mate till-this very moment- Palin has been the recipient of the most vile, slanderous, disgusting, pornographic, deranged series of attacks on her and her family that any person in American political life has ever had to suffer through.

When Wendy Davis has a porn "star" making a full career out of imitating Palin, when there are "Naylin Wendy" porn video's, when her children are called "retards" and have the most vile slanders said about them then she and the left can complain.

When well known celebrities call Davis a "c**t" and say if she comes to New York "my homeboys will rape her-then she and the left can complain about 'sexism."

When as recently as yesterday Daily Kos publishes the blatant lie that Palin said about Obama and Hillary;
"Sambo beat the bitch" when there are entire blog sites solely dedicated to attacking every word Davis says and everything she does and every aspect of her appearance like there has been about Palin for 5 years then the left can complain.

When the right accuses Davis of something as dreadful as instigating Gabby Gifford's shooting, or runs a campaign for years "proving" that Davis did not give birth to her own children then let the left complain.

Davis says her opposition should walk in her shoes- when she hasn't gone three feet in Palin's, but this whole episode has one benefit it has brought to view the disgusting depths of the lefts hate campaign against Palin in comparison with what Davis has received is as nothing.