Thursday, January 30, 2014

Poll;Which Woman Would be the Best Vice-presidential Running Mate for Governor Palin In 2016?

A left leaning polling firm-PPP Polling (D-Daily Kos) has confirmed that Governor Palin has the highest favorability ranking amongst all current possible GOP contenders for the 2016 nomination. That being the case, it is perhaps opportune to consider who should be her running mate if she should choose to run.

Of course such a decision would be Governor Palin's, no doubt after intensive consultation with her team, and with due consideration of political balance (without pandering to  the establishment element of course) geographical balance and, perhaps, gender. 

However, polls such as this can be useful as a guide to the thinking of the rank and file, and if enough votes are cast across a number of them for one or two potential candidates that might be useful as another pointer for the Palin team when decision time approaches.

I have steadfastly  stated that in my humble opinion the best team for 2016 would be two women-Governor Palin of course as the presidential nominee and either of Susana Martinez or Condolleezza Rice. Both have tremendous strengths, Dr. Rice obviously in foreign policy but on balance, given the importance of the Hispanic vote in New Mexico, Colorado, and Florida I would believe that Governor Martinez would bring in the most Electoral College votes.

I set out the case for Governor Martinez HERE and Dr.Rice HERE but the GOP has a wealth of highly qualified women amongst whom a running mate who could also deliver the votes could be found. Here are some who have been discussed as possible VP candidates for you to cast your vote for your preference.