Tuesday, January 21, 2014

America: Lack Of Obama Recovery Is All Your Fault For Staying Where Born And Raised

At Yahoo they've figured out why the 5th year of the Obama "Hope and Change' revolution hasn't worked its advised magic- LINK.  basically its all your fault for not moving town.

"To get ahead, more Americans must do this one thing

Economists have been puzzled about why the latest recession produced such a feeble recovery, but here’s one important new clue: The portion of Americans moving from place to place has fallen close to record lows, inhibiting people’s ability to go where the good jobs are or remake themselves in one place after flaming out in another.
 This kind of re-balancing is essential in a free market, since wealth moves around and workers must too if they want to pursue "

If you were a true patriot and really  really wanted to ensure that President Obama's economic program (sic) succeeded then you would have moved home some years ago. Face it-can you look yourself in the mirror and honestly say that you were not being the teeny bit selfish by staying where you were born and raised?

What difference if your family has tenth generation roots in your local area. Is a street named after a member of your family, have you been a member of your local place of worship since a child, did you go to the local school/university?

None of those count when the Obama admininstrations credibility is on the line.You should have upped sticks and sought a job or a better paying one thousands of miles away from home. Kids having their lives disrupted, your wife or husband having  to leave their families-a small price to pay for seeing "Hope and Change" come into fruition.

It's all your fault that real unemployment is in double figures, that the median family income is declining precipitously-call U- Haul and get out of town-do it for the Democrats.