Friday, December 13, 2013

Update Alaska Mint Confirms No-Palin Involvement Exclusive Sensational Exposé: Alaska Gold Coin, Wonkette-Mediaite And The Truth About Palin

UPDATE; Alaska Mint Responds to scurrilous attacks on Governor Palin exclusive correspondence:

This site, through its commentators, has, effectively, accused you of gouging, and running a scam whilst ripping off wounded warriors. It also advises that Gov.Palin is running this.

Thank you for sharing this info with us. We are a private mint here in Alaska, Gov. Palin has nothing to do with these or any of our other medallion projects.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

Mike Robuck,
Alaska Mint

MJ Sheppard to Mike Robuck

Thanks Mike I am sure I am not the only one who brought these scurrilous allegations to  your attention-I'm saddened you have been subjected to it.

The Alaska Mint  (website ) is a private firm which makes speciality items for collectors including gold medals.
They produced a number of items relating to the former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin including these items:

Included in their offerings in the past was this item with the following notation "A donation from the sale of these medallions will be made to Wounded Warrior Project, helping seriously injured service members."

The Twitchy site  Link noted the following "What has actor Michael McKean invoking the Unintentional Satire Department? The link leads to a — gasp! — gold Sarah Palin medallion from Alaska Mint.And that’s it. It’s nothing to make Palin look foolish, and if it raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project, we’re all for unintentional satire."
Department of Unintentional Satire:

If that were it, apart from the usual "snark" from idiotic Palin haters on twitter then it might appear as just another in the endless series of show business types trying to get publicity by attacking Palin-a sure-fire formula which the "progressive" media and the Palin haters lap up (see Cher et al ad infinitum).

But no the "scurrilous site Wonkette" as Ann Althouse described it continued its endless attacks on Governor Palin with not just one post, but another on its equally disgusting "art' site. This is an example of the comments from the self-admitted drug users, alcohol abusers and unemployed layabouts that infest the site:

Here is how Wonkette Link
described Governor Palin in the article relating to the medallion "She’s just so down home, which is what we love in a Fox News personality/ex-politician/scam artist." and at the "art site" Link there is this statement; 

"we’re very fond of the “a donation” language, because it lets us know that we really have no idea how much of the price of this magnificent medallion actually rolls on over to the charity, but given Sarah Palin’s solid history of honesty in donating and oh god we cannot even finish typing that sentence even as a joke."

Here is a report, one of too many to detail here, as regards Governor Palin and charity and in relation to lib Joe Biden and charity " 
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What the Wonkette article didn't show was all the Obama medallions (with no charity association.
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But the worst part of this Alinsky-ite action is the implication that Governor Palin is associated with this private firm (who can charge what they wish and give as much or as little as they wish-it is a business), that she is somehow "scamming" the Wounded Warriors charity.

  • Elaine Kurpiel I was so hoping that, in the last sentence, you were going to laugh and say the article was "borrowed" from the Onion. If true, that money is going nowhere except to her next botox treatment and breast enhancement. She is ugly inside and outside.

      • Avatar

        This seems disgusting even by her incredibly low standards, to involve a good charity like Wounded Warriors in her grift pitch.
      And of course adding insult to injury the fact that I brought this gold coin matter to the wider public weeks before Wonkette distorted it for their nefarious purposes was totally ignored by them-giving credit to ethical sources is clearly not something they are interested in;

      I wrote to Alaska Mint to appraise them of these scurrilous articles and allegations-what they do as far as legal action, if any, would be over to them. 

      In the end what happened to Bashir will happen to Wonkette and its ilk-they had lost all their advertising support when they attacked Governor Palin's son Trig and it is just a matter of time before they do a Bashir and get caught in their own evil devices.

      I can reveal, from an unimpeachable source in Alaska
      that, yes, Alaska Mint is a private firm and Governor Palin has nothing to do with the medallions. 

      Palin hater Tommy Christopher at Mediaite another site infested with the Paln Deranged Syndrome notes that the latest edition of the coin doesn't' have a reference to God.

      But what it has or doesn't have has absolutely nothing to do with Governor Palin-this is a private firm.The Palin haters are either to dense to do a little research or as usual distort the message to try , in any way possible, to attack Palin which proves, again, that she is perceived as a threat to the left.

      As you can see, the 2009 Sarah Palin coin has rightly and Christianly positioned the words “In God We Trust” right in the middle of the coin, just above Palin’s shoulder. The 2012 coin? It is just gone! Why, Sarah Palin coin? Why have you forsaken us? The reverse side does feature the Pledge of Allegiance, which contains the words “one nation, under God,” but it is apparently a God we no longer trust.

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