Monday, November 18, 2013

Wonkette Enjoins Readers Not To Be Naughty Re;Bashir/Palin.Just For Laughs Lets Substitute (With Votes) Schoenkopf's/Zooms' Mothers For Palin In Their Comments

Just for lolz lets list some of the caring, humane comments from Wonkette's readers in respect of the post about Martin Bashir's "new civility'  comments about Governor Palin. After all the left is the guardian of women's rights and any comments will be in that light.

The writer, one "Doktor Zoom" covers off the Bashir quote where Bashir suggests the best way to deal with Governor Palin is to defecate on her-such liberal tolerance! Of course anyone who defends Palin is attacked as well. Once having, for the titillation of his readers, presented the Bashir screed, "Zoom" enjoins his readers not to be naughty and to be civil in the Nixonian manner "because it would be wrong" ha ha !

Here are some of the comments by the civil leftist at Wonkette. Just for fun lets substitute (with ballots and only in our minds) Rebecca Schoenkopf, her mother, and any female relative that "Doktor Zoom" may have for "Palin" in them. 

 I wouldn't of course suggest such a course of action as Bashir suggested, as neither would Schoenkopf or "Zoom" (no doubt) but it would be instructive for the Wonkette readers to see how it works. Perhaps they too could play the same fun game and substitute their own mothers instead of Palin!

What fun!!
"PLEASE REVISE YOUR FECES STATEMENT 10:23 am November 18, 2013

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Wants To Feed Sarah Palin A Dookie

"Today we all want to feed Sarah Palin a dookie
Eat em SnowGrifter Eat em all.
Bashir's mistake was suggesting that shit should go into her mouth. Everyone knows shit only comes out of it.
I see Sarah is reaping all the charity she sows
Martin's comments were totally appropriate. If anything, he could have spelled things out even more explicitly, instead of saying what he said couched in innuendo.
Martin said the nicest thing I've heard any normal person say about PalinTrash. I think I'll bake him a cake.

That's right. He said it and I'm glad he said it. He could have said, "Eat shit and die you stupid twat"; but he was restrained."


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