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UPDATE:With Her Breitbart Article Governor Palin Stands At The Rubicon" "This keeps up and I’m not sticking around to watch it happen,"

UPDATE:The Beaufort Observer comments on Governor Palin's statement below as it relates to North Carolina. The basic principle they espouse is in fact unversal.

Sarah Palin put it to the Establishment like no one else has done


October 09, 2013
In an interview with Sarah Palin has some things to say about the state of the Republican Party that seem to us to have direct applicability to North Carolina. The issue, oversimplified, is: can money trump grassroots boots on the ground?

North Carolina's current Establishment GOP leadership seems to think the answer is "yes." We don't agree. We agree with Palin. The GOP cannot win statewide in North Carolina, and in many close districts/counties in the state, without the grassroots folk, many of whom are in the TEA party. 

These activists may not be about to steam roll their candidate into office, but they can prevent an Establishment candidate from winning. Thus, the issue becomes whether the Establishment will proceed in their arrogance by ignoring the grassroots, thinking that their "status" and money can win the day or whether they join forces with grassroots to defeat the Democrat candidates. Palin's comments offer much food for thought on this issue. 
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Here is Stacy Drake's excellent summary of Governor Palin's exclusive interview with Breitbart's Tony Lee and Steven K. Bannon. It ends, forebodingly to some, exhilaratingly to others, with these terse words "This keeps up (GOP machine abandons the grassroots) and I'm not sticking around to watch it happen," 

With them Governor Palin stands at the waters of the Rubicon whether she, and her cohorts and host wades in is to be seen and for some, to quote the author of "Julius Caesar" the original Rubicon facer, a "consummation devoutly to be wished".

This is part one of an essay on this subject-my commentary, for what it is worth, is AT THIS LINK.

Breitbart: Governor Palin Rips GOP ‘High Roller Machine’

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart’s Tony Lee and Stephen K. Bannon, Governor Palin unloaded on the GOP establishment, saying many things that needed to be said:
Palin told Breitbart News that these establishment financiers cannot relate to the average American worker and are throwing a "fit" because Wall Street knows they are in a whole new ballgame where their influence is diminishing.
Palin was responding to an article by David Freilander in Thursday’s Daily Beast in which prominent Republican establishment financiers showed disdain for the conservative grassroots while being unable to identify exactly what a "precinct captain" is.
Palin, who started her political career on the local level as an outsider before eventually challenging the GOP establishment in Alaska to become governor, said that the "GOP high roller machine can’t win elections with their cash anymore."
"If they could, all the money they threw at Romney would have paid off," Palin said, referring to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s inability to galvanize the blue-collar conservative base during the 2012 presidential election. "It’s the average American – the grassroots Tea Party patriot with enthusiasm and boots on the ground – who wins elections":
So I say call these guys out and expose the fact that they no longer control any conservative movement because they’re not the voice of the people. See, some of these Wall Street guys basically want to use the GOP for three things: They want low taxes for themselves; they want lots of cheap foreign labor (aka blanket amnesty); and they want to be safe (though most won’t send their own kids to fight our wars, they don’t want anyone blowing up buildings in Manhattan; so they’re all for sending our sons and daughters to whatever foreign hell hole beckons to make sure the bad guys stay off our soil).
Palin, the avatar of the Tea Party movement whom the Republican establishment has tried to eviscerate and whose endorsement former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint (R) said had the most influence in Republican primaries, was not finished excoriating the establishment financiers who were berating the Tea Party:
Ask yourself if most of them really care about America’s industrial base or can even relate to the American worker and our values. The particular fat cats who are so often used as anonymous sources to trash the grassroots see this latest Tea Party effort to keep essential government open as just a distraction. They’re throwing a bit of a fit because this is a whole new, needed ballgame where their money can’t buy elections anymore.

According to a Daily Beast report, Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, met with top GOP donors for lunch last month at Le Cirque, a fancy restaurant on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.
The donors, described as "a youngish collection of financial industry types and lawyers" and "banker types who occupy the upper reaches of Wall Street’s towers" were frustrated at what they saw as conservative recalcitrance on the budget and could not understand why Republican politicians had to listen to their constituents and the grassroots who sent them to Washington. Walden told them, "Listen … we have to do this because of the Tea Party. If we don’t, these guys are going to get primaried and they are going to lose their primary.”
The financial elite and the political establishment, though, often treat these grassroots voters the way Democrats have been accused of treating African American voters–using them for their votes during election season and running as far away from them as possible once they come to Washington. The Daily Beast writes that "a number of GOP donors are wondering if it is time for a little outside counter-pressure to sap the Tea Party of some of its energy," to "stand up and not be afraid of the Tea Party."
The conservatives these donors so disdain revolted in part because of the big-government domestic policies of former President George W. Bush last decade, especially No Child Left Behind and the TARP bailouts during the 2008 financial crisis caused by the reckless behavior from the industries that employ these donors on Wall Street.
These independent-minded Americans are supporting the third-party of "good guys" that Palin recently referenced in speaking of senators like Cruz and Mike Lee (R-UT). They see that the so-called Bipartisan Establishment Party, or "BEP," really did not differ that much from Democrats when it came to growing the size of government and supporting policies like comprehensive immigration reform that benefit themselves and their cronies while harming working class Americans.
Palin told Breitbart News that "the day the GOP machine abandons the grassroots patriot – the heart and soul of the party who actually gets people elected – is the day the GOP elephant is extinct."
"This keeps up and I’m not sticking around to watch it happen," Palin said.

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