Monday, October 7, 2013

Time Magazine Descends Into Utter Hypocrisy Seeing Sexualization Of Wendy Davis By GOP Whilst Palin Was Heartlessly Victimized By Left

As if Wonkette's ludicrous attack  on the Republicans as being 'anti-women" with an illustration of some silly anti-Hillary buttons, whilst ignoring their own readers filthy sexist comments on Governor Palin, was not bad enough Time Magazine descends into utter hypocrisy.

In a report on station KFYO by Chad Hasty  LINK the left's utter double standards and double talk are exposed for the ulcerating sore on the body politic and grossest hypocrisy that they are. Hasty presents a Time Magazine analysis of the left's poster woman for all their pro-abortion values Wendy Davis's upcoming campaign for Governor of Texas (good luck with that) and finds misogyny and hate on the Republican side which he makes a final comment about:

"Just like it is with Barack Obama. If you criticize him, you are labeled a racist. Democrats will attempt to label those who are outspoken against Davis as anti-woman. Even though some of those who are against Davis were supportive of Sarah Palin. Whatever Democrats can do to get the conversation away from Davis’ stance on late term abortion."

That Palin as VP candidate was subject to the most gross hate filled invective (Bill Maher, one of many, calling her a c**t had every detail about her appearance and clothes and family mocked and ridiculed, that she was "sexualized' with her head stuck on other women's bodies, that porn videos were made about her, escapes these leftist hypocrites-or they think we are to dumb not to recognize their idiotic 'standards'

That Didn’t Take Long
Well it didn’t take long for a liberal to complain about those who criticize Wendy Davis. A writer for TIME says that Wendy Davis is a misogyny magnet. You see, it’s okay to criticize Sarah Palin for having too many kids, (as the writer does) but if you go after Wendy Davis, then you are anti-woman.

"Blonde, strikingly pretty, outspoken and female, Davis is, to put it bluntly, invaluable as bait. In her short tenure on the national scene, she has elicited an almost Pavlovian response from anti-woman blowhards.
First, Fox News commentator Erick Erickson called Davis “Abortion Barbie.” Then, a twitter poster, @jefflegal, expressed his support for a gubernatorial bid by the Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott by dismissing Davis as “Retard Barbie”—a rather artless insult that might not have gotten much attention, had the attorney general not tweeted back, “Jeff, thanks for your support.” And just last month, Abbott’s top political advisor, Dave Carney, stepped into the Davis-bashing fray again by tweeting an article from a conservative Texas blog that promised in its headline to explain “why Wendy Davis is too Stupid to be Governor.”

There’s every reason to expect that, as a misogyny magnet, Davis, whom The New York Times has described as an Austin “fashion icon,” will be the gift that keeps on giving all through the upcoming campaign season. Her hair, her clothes, her pink sneakers; the fact that she’s unmarried; the fact that abortion is the issue that brought her to national prominence—all these things sexualize her to a degree that’s unusual for female politicians (as it any accident that Sarah Palin was always dripping with kids?) and they open her up to a very specific, and very ugly, form of woman-hate.The more hits Davis takes, the better is will be for the Democrats.

 It was, after all, a consistent pattern of gender-based disrespect that helped land Democrats their 2012 election victories in the U.S. Senate and the presidency. A long pile-up of Republican insults to women’s dignity, particularly in the area of reproductive rights, led President Obama to win the women’s vote by a 12-point margin. Women don’t always vote as a unified block; they’re by no means unanimous in their support for abortion rights, or for any of the pro-family social policies that tend, unhelpfully, to be classed together as “women’s issues.”

But they have, in recent years, tended to come together in a common understanding when the “yuck factor” in politics – the macho posturing, the questionable remarks that cut away at women’s hard-won public dignity – just gets to be too much.Abbott, sensitized by outrage that followed his Twitter thank-you, has tried to backpedal, tweeting his supporters to “Stay positive. ” The admonition, however @Barbie-worthy, hasn’t done much to mollify his critics.

The Republican party’s effort to rebrand itself to women doesn’t seem to be working out too well, either. A new United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection poll just this week found that 33 percent of the women surveyed felt that the party had drifted even further away from them since the 2012 election. Only 14 percent of women—and just 11 percent of women younger than 50—said that Republicans had moved closer in perspective to them.
Message: we Barbies are no dummies. You can’t change a legacy of policies that insult and hurt women through the power of positive thinking.

Message to Time;We are no dummies-you can't have run a five year campaign of hate against Governor Palin and pretend that your party is not the party of misogyny and hypocrisy.

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