Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Jersey Senatorial Election-Media/Poll Reports From Date Of Governor Palin's Endorsement To Election Day

Here is a timeline, current to earliest, of the New Jersey Senatorial election with the main emphasis on media and poll reports commencing from the date of Governor Palin's endorsement and her campaign visit.All links below are active-click on them to read original reports.

Last NJ Senate race: Menendez won by 19.5%.President Obama carried the state by just under 18 points

Polling on the day of Governor Palin's endorsement of Mayor Lonegan

Earlier poll
Rutgers-Eagleton9/3 - 9/9462 LV6429Booker +35

The final word pre-election was from Kevin Mooney at The American Spectator who speculated on a shock Tea Party upset-but the key points were the lack of GOP Establishment support for Lonegan
and the 12 to 1 finance deficit versus the Dem's machine.

The last minute summing up by AP a Yahoo: "Booker's campaign path bumpier than anticipated"

With this telling remark; "For most of the campaign, Lonegan has gotten little help from Republicans outside the state.In an 11th hour push for Lonegan, tea party leaders have begun coordinating phone banks and a get-out-the-vote effort. The nation's largest tea party political action committee — the Tea Party Express — brought former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in to campaign for the GOP nominee last weekend."

October 15th

After all the work done by Governor Palin GOP Chair Priebus shows up on last day-which is still a bigger effort than Christie put in.

October 15th-24 hours to go Booker up by 14

October 14th Rutgers poll puts Booker ahead by 22 points

October 14th Booker leads by 10 Monmouth poll
October 14th Booker drafts in President Obama to run an advert for hsi campaign (which he led at one time by 35 points)

Asbury Park Press/NJ.Com reports on Governor Palin's mass rally for Lonegan (with video)

October 12thFar left Democratic underground has Booker up by 26 points!

October 10th CBS News sees palin's endorsement as giving hope to Lonegan although Booker leads

October 10th

Morning Joe: Why is Sarah Palin headed to New Jersey?

October 10th

Extensive local TV report on the debates and Governor Palin
▶ NJ Today with Mike Schneider: Oct. 10, 2013 - YouTube

October 9th Lonegan leads amongst independents but trails overall by 12 Quinnipiac Poll

Poll: Booker lead holds, but Lonegan gains among independents

October 8th Rassmusen has Booker by 12

Partisan comments at National Review

Lonegan will have a right to be mad at Gov. Chris Christie if he loses, as the special election timing will have hurt him and he could probably win riding some of the Governor's coattails if the election were held on Election Day.

    • Avatar
      Auntie Fascist  di Grappa
       a day ago
      Lonegan couldn't win riding on Christ's coattails.

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        TrollopeReader  di Grappa
          excellent tactics by Christie! Not a fool, he.

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          Jeff  TrollopeReader
           a day ago
          Unless he's seriously considering a run for the presidency as a Republican, in which case he's an absolute fool. He could not have undermined any slim chance the Republicans might have had of picking up this seat any worse - first with his appointment of a place-holder and then with his selfish election tactics - if he'd been specifically trying to be sure it went Dem. Sure, it was going blue no matter what, 

      August 30th "Politcker NJ" shows its bias "Steve Lonegan's campaign is imploding faster than a sinkhole in Florida"

      What is Steve Lonegan thinking? | Politicker NJ
      Assorted opinion from Palin's endorsement October 2nd

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      New poll shows Booker lead shrinking in N.J. Senate race

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