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From Deep In Enemy Territory A Voice Of Sanity (Brooklyn NY Daily) ;"They all laughed at Sarah Palin when she spoke about “death panels.”The good governor has been vindicated

From deepest enemy territory a voice of sanity and clear sightedness.He shall not stand alone! Give the brave and undaunted Stanley Gershbein your support by reading his full post and other work. 


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For Stan, he who laughs last, laughs best!

“They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round. They all laughed when Edison recorded sound.”
They all laughed at Sarah Palin when she spoke about “death panels.” The good governor has been vindicated. Liberals Paul Krugman and Howard Dean are not laughing anymore. They now admit that Mrs. Palin was correct in her assessment. At this time they and others tell us that Obamacare is a health-care rationing regulation. Of course nobody knew it at the time. Congress was told to first vote for it so that they could see what is in it. Very nice.

They laughed at me when I said that Mitt is not a shoo in. “Who’s gonna vote for Obama, a man who is on his way to destroying America?”

Hey guys. If you give me 99 weeks of unemployment checks, welfare payment at regular intervals, food stamps, and place me in a category where I don’t have to pay income tax, I might vote for him, too.

They all laughed at Glenn Beck when he warned us that “Big Brother” is watching us. He told us, when he had his own show on the Fox News Channel, that our government is busy collecting data about us, our families, our friends and our business contacts. Nobody paid attention. Nobody cared. “Big Brother” is fiction. Those on the right curled their foreheads and wrinkled their brows while the left had some terrific roaring laughs calling Glenn all kinds of names. The nicest name he was given was that he is a “Conspiracy Theorist.” The not-so-nice things, my editor, fine gentleman that he is, would never permit me to say in my column. Hey there, you doubters. Have you been reading your newspapers lately?

And speaking of doubters, they laughed at those of us who doubted all the hype about global warming. We who disagreed with them may have been correct all along. Let’s first look at the records set this past summer. There were 667 record-warm temperatures compared to 2,899 record cold temperatures, four times as many cold as there were warm.

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I am asking, do we really need a liar in the White House?
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